Garbo Ancient Power

Is this the correct parameters for the Legacy Generation 1 Ancient Power?

I tested this on Archeops and this happened. Did I see anything wrong? Is legacy AP really this bad?

For one thing, you created that move for PvP parameters, try recreating it under Charged, PvE. Also, energy should be -33 IIRC

No it’s before the 2017 February moves revamp, meaning that it has 4 bars and 35 Power. The current 70 power, 3 bar AP is from after the revamp.

I also swear that I made the move on PVE format, not PVP, didn’t know why it was changed, but the result is the same.

All of the formerly 4 and 5 bar moves in the old system were pretty universally bad from what I remember (Twister being the other one that comes to mind).

I remember using Omastar with Ancient Power during that time and yes, it’s horrid. Never expected it to be just as bad as Acid Spray tho.

Well, it is 35 damage over the course of 3,6 seconds, so a bit over 10 damage per second, so what do you expect? Some Fast Moves have more DPS than this.

So Niantic’s sense of move balance is just questionable at that time then.

Not to say that 98% of Pokemon have abnormally horrid stats.

Furthermore I tested how “well” would Icy Wind, Shadow Ball or Dazzling Gleam would perform during that time, and in 1 case I even used Gardevoir’s old conversion stats. Turns out that even Leaf Tornado or Mirror Shot has higher parameters than any of those.