I guess the news will spread with the speed of light ( as jessie says :’) ) hell, i dont even care for may’s cday right now just cant wait for garchomp’s cday even though i already have built one. Im very curious to see which exclusive move will receive, youtuber PokeAk said in one of his video that garchomp with earth power would be even more greater and since there’s much competitions with the dragons and the upcoming cdays ( such as hydreigon haxorus, goodra) i bet that the surprise move will be a ground type move. I truly hope that niantic wont mess with the cday move either fast or charge bcuz that would be very dissapointing for such an important cday.

Also since the ‘‘surprise mega-evolved Pokémon’’ which will be appearing in mega raids havent been anounced yet i pray for mega garchomp so hard and yes i know thats not possible bcuz if mega garchomp makes its debut this early it literally will overshadow every other pokemon ( until mega metagross and mega swampert make their appearances)

I send y’all best of luck for 6th of june and looking forward to hear about your thoughts

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I am gonna max at least one and then bb it fingers crossed for a 3* shiny :)

In my opinion, Dragon Claw would be the best exclusive move for Garchomp

If that’s real, way sooner than I was expecting, Evemn it it came this year, it shocks me that it’sat the start of summer not the end. I will seriously bemnefiot =- though personally I do not claim that, objectively speaking, having a pokemon rthat has been out for well over a year, which an active player (such as myself has been trying very hard tp get and am not even half way, long distanmce trading every gible I was able to get, when I goit as counterparty to such trades, I waited until 2x candy to transfer. On the other hand, I do have a 15/15/15 lucky giblle from one of those trades… barely half the candies to evolve it, but community day would sort that out in a jiffy…