Garchomp today or its community day?


Got enough candies for my perfect gible for garchomp evolution. However, will it have the community day? And better CD move?


Evolve him and bring him in Heatran raid

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Im saving mine. Don’t really need it right now so im holding out for a CD. If you definitely need a ground or dragon attacker though, it might be worth it to evolve.

Although its shiny is already released, I personally think a Gible CD is still possible. For potential CD move, if Garchomp gets Earth Power, it will have even better Ground DPS. Its Dragon moveset is already the best it can get for now, but it’s also not impossible for Niantic to introduce a new Dragon move such as Dragon Rush or Dual Chop. So there’s definitely room to improve if Niantic wants to.

That being said, Heatran is currently in raids and Garchomp is indeed among its top counters. If there’s still a vacant spot in your Heatran team, and you have enough candies to evolve your perfect Gible and level it to at least lvl 30, and a few TM to ensure it gets Mud Shot+Earthquake, I’d say why not. But if it only sits at lvl 20 and/or it doesn’t have its Ground moveset, it will do less damage than a double Ground Rhydon for example, and you might as well just wait for more candies and eventually its CD.

Gible’s shiny release was an odd move, but in all honesty it feels nothing more than to make people spend money on buying incubators. Most people that don’t cheat and live in non-desert biomes have not yet encountered one in the wild and the chance to hatch one is rather low, making the shiny nearly impossible for most to get.
Niantic did already similar things for their raid days. Lapras was released as a shiny globally and its spawn rate was nerfed hard, same thing happened to the task from which one could at the time get a lapras. Some time later they made a lapras raid day.
Alolan marowak also had its shiny released and a raid day was planned, but later canceled.

At the end of the day Niantic can do what they want and can break their patterns if they feel so. That being said they don’t have much to choose from the reminaing CD candidates and they also have nothing to loose from a gible CD, but only gain things. People want it, it would still be more sought after than half of the mons tha had a CD last year, the shiny is next to impossible to get for causal players and from the ground type it can get an improvement, since despite the buff Earthquake is still quite middle of the road.

Community Day, sadly. Even if that CD is next November, the way things stand right now, it’s best to wait until CD to evolve any Pokemon who may potentially have access to a “better” move.

Lapras has always been among the rarest spawns from day one.

Yes, but after the shiny they nerfed it even more. When the folks with aeroplanes complain about the lack of wild spawns, then you know it’s next to impossible to get for those who play legit.