Garden of Order Revival: A Thank You to Friend Supports

With some exceptions, I don’t know who you are, I don’t remember when I added you… Heck, I don’t even know if all of you are on GP or not…

But I still feel the need to thank the following people for their Servant and CE choice for this event.

First, for helping me farm apartment ghosts in room 502:

Next, for helping me farm Skeletons in room 603:

Third, for helping me farm living Corpses in room 602:

(Carmilla was a pain to kill.)

Fourth, for helping me farm Base Models in room 702:

(I think you’re insane for having NP5 Nero Caster, btw, but am eternally grateful that you deigned to be on my Friends List.)

And finally, for making my life while farming for Black Cat Figurines much easier:

(Two First Hassans with a Waver back up does wonders for killing the Vengeful Spirits of Seven People and inflicting Death on Rapunzel is extremely convenient.)

Once again, thank you all for lending me your Servants.


I’m happy that I am be able to help you and anyone else.

A huge Thank You to certain master also called Makoto (Probably not in this forum), and to @Psi, their MLB Black Cat CE is a godsend, thanks to them I’ve got over 150 million QP just from the Parking Lot.


I really can’t stress how much I’m grateful for having whale friends. It really lessens the burden knowing that you won’t be rolling for the current banner and you’re waiting for a specific servant rate up to come. Then here comes your whale friends on support saying : “Hey kid wanna try the new 5* servant and my MLB event CE? I know you want to.” As a reference, I never found time to find any supports with a saber Shiki until this event and lo and behold, here they come with their NP5 Shiki and MLB event CE’s. Really appreciate those godlike people.:kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes:

Shoutout as well to these guys : Mamiko, RamenKing and Misaka10032.

I will forever be your loyal FP slave. :grin::grin:


Should I um… put it back?

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Nah I’m done farming. My sanity decreases with every rapunzel I kill.

Actually like how you show appreciations to all the supports that you’ve got.

Like, they were legitimately life/time savers. Why shouldn’t I? They deserve it.

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