Gatcha rate up question

i have read that the rate up for 6* operators is 2%.

So, if i want to roll for Ch’en in the new banner (who will come a few months from now, if i guessed it right)…

in your opinion, in order to grab a 6* that you want (so, for example considering that maybe the first 6* i grab in that banner is not Ch’en)

… how many 10x rolls should i have? In other words (6000 points x … ? )

Not sure if this is the answer you want but here goes.

60,000 orundum gives you 100 pulls. Assuming that you have not pulled any 6* in those first 99 pulls, then the 100th would be a guaranteed 6*. But maybe not the one you want.

But the pity system is counting for all the standard pull banners, so it does not start over with the new banner. Instead, it starts from the last 6* that you pulled from any banner. So you may reach the guaranteed before 100 pulls on that particular banner.

But the chances of getting your desired operator are still up to rng. I know a youtuber, Tectone, that spent hundreds on Chen’s debut banner before getting a single copy. But Hopefully you’ll get lucky and pull her quick. Hope this helps some.

The rate for 6* is 2%, the chance to get the rate up 6* is 50%. So if you managed to roll a 6*, 50% of the time it’ll be the one on rate up (less so if there’re 2 or more 6* are on rate up together)

Also as a general reminder - if you want to minmax your Oru, don’t do 10x rolls. They offer no benefit other than saving you time.