Gavial the great chief returns rerun begins Feb 4th

Gavial the great chief returns rerun is announced for the next event which means vigilo is pushed another event down the line…I just want to find out more about the doctor already lol.

So is anyone going into the rerun as a first timer and need any tips? or is it your second time around and now your hoping to pick up something you missed before? Or have you already 100% this event last time and now just working on some other goal as you kill time for the next new content?

At least one of my favorite costumes is back in circulation with the rerun 5 out 5 stars totally recommend if you have the spare currency


I’m just waiting for Ange to sing and dance like an idol.


I just want Roberta banner to come early lol :feh_lucyshrug:


Just a month and half more probably, I’m waiting for the same banner as well~


6 months for Ling is still far away so it seems, glad that I have CN to keep the urge safe :ak_kaltsitsip:


So many good events on the way to Ling though. From chapter 9 , the last 2 parts of the Kazimierz trilogy, our first step inside kjerg with break the ice and of course integrated strategies 2 crimson solitaire with phantom and the vigilo mini event for more hints about the doctor. It’s a lore lovers dream come true.


I installed Arknights during Eunectes’ first banner but since I didn’t get her I kinda forgot about the game until several months later, and the moment where I truly started playing was when Skadi Alter and Kal’tsit were released. So, this will be the first time I will experience the event. Brute force, Brute Force, BRUTE FORCE will solve most nodes. I’ll try to make it work.

But this is the third time I experience the salt.

Once more Eunectes refuses to come home. She is the only operator that I truly wanted from the start in my barracks and she never came home so far. And this is rich coming from me since I have a certain bad experience with snakes. Even Skadi and Chen Alter came home in the first couple of pulls with extra goodies like Kal’tsit, Shining, Mudrock and Weedy.

She could complete my Holy Defender Trinity with Mudrock, Hoshugima and herself. But no! The lady hates my version of the Island. My Summer Nearl will have to suffice unless lucks smiles upon me in the next few days.


I guess eunectes is a waifu type want for you? Because she’s pretty inferior as a unit there’s not even a niche area she excels at better then other operators who are more common or you already have.

As for completing the event you should know every single stage in the game is beatable by low rarity units 4 stars and under at max level E1. So brute force is nothing on strategy. You can check YouTube if you really want to see any of those strategys in action. As you have some of the best/strongest operators in the game already you should have no problem with that as a base. And of course don’t forget the all powerful friend Unit slot it can fill any hole and usually makes every strategy possible even when your lacking the key player.

If you run into any issue with finding a specific unit being offered by a friend I can help if you want. Afterall I’m spending this rerun event raising various 5 and 4 star units who still need to be E2d as I already have every 6 star at e2 and all of the 5 and unders that are actually useful to me. Currently raising click and gavial actually while holding off on promoting Ceylon, skyfire, waii fu, croissant, absinthe, and folinic till I Stock enough LMD to not be broke afterwards.

I know she is a niche unit but in gacha realms she is one of those characters that screams, “I WANT HER!”, type of deal, specially since I can be not only a kind of a sucker for old school MechWarrior class robots like old-school Heavy Gear or Titanfall, but also had a parrot/eagle type partner, which she clearly fulfill in spades. I pray that I can get her with the freebies of this week and next but I don’t see it happening since Ifrit just pity broke me and arrived for the first time to my Island.

I try to not use guides, even on the hardest stages, since I think it would take away the fun from the game. I only use them when I either have no time or I clearly am missing a mechanic that I skipped on a tutorial or description, which recently, it has not happened a lot. But still it is not bad to see one guide once in a while to appreciate new synergies.

Since I have focused resources elsewhere, I have grabbed many times on Challenges a Specter since mine is still unbuilt, and also Surtr and Exusiai, because I don’t have them and my best AA snipers are Jessica and Kroos. Yes, I still have the ticket to grab either Blue Poison or Platinum but I really, really, don’t know who to choose so I am waiting to see who comes first to grab the other.

Thank you for your offer. Appreciate it. In my case I just need 5 catalysts, 5 caster chip and 3 defender chip packs to make them duals so I can promote Mudrock and Ceobe to E2. After that I’ll go for Gladiia, Kal’tsit, and either Siege or Hoshiguma who are near E1 80. And once that’s done I am going for Specter from scratch. Long live Brute Force strategies… until you clearly hit a roadblock and regret not having raised a single guard operator for those “You cannot deploy Defender Operators in this stage”.

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Lol of course I agree with the using guides ruins the fun. It was mostly a suggestion if your truly unable to finish a level after trying everything before the time limit or if you just wanted to see how a stage can actually be beaten with mostly 3 star operators as your team of E2 5 and 6 stars are struggling lol.

Also side note blue poison over platinum for me she was one of my first pulls 2 years ago and was a main team staple (since exusai was a long time to get home) and only recently got demoted to occasional Sniper because of ash and exusai being the top 2 teirs of the archetype. Blue poison also offers that arts DoT and even if platinum can sacrifice speed for power its still physical damage and most enemies with high defense can still reduce her damage by enough to make it useless. (Also blue poison is a cool character lore and personality wise.)

Kaltsit is also who I’d make top e2 priority for monst3r is pretty much a Guard unit and with s3 has massive bursts of damage.

And congrats on ifrit she’s still a shining unit if the map set up is good. (Or just combine her with a 3 Defender and have her melt who ever gets blocked.)

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My cousin who also plays told me the exact same thing during Christmas. That when you don’t have to worry about tough flying units her S3 can be so broken that sometimes just one tile is enough when you pair her with a defender. Ok, since more than two people told me the same info then Ifrit will be moved to priority status once Kal’sit, Ceobe, and Mudrock are leveled since they are practically E2 ready, just need the chips and the catalysts.

God damn those 36 sanity cost chips and catalysts.

Also, during the writing of this post…

She came home with the weekly orundum annihilations rewards! I can finally start saving pulls for Nearl or Blaze when they rerun.


Congrats. And blaze is now in the general recruitment so I’d look up the best tags to secure her and hope for a top operator tag to secure her otherwise she will show up eventually I’m sure. As for nearl alter save for her I suspect her in time for golden week.

I call the ifrit single tile Skill 2 (not 3) tactic the contingency contract 3 method where it was very important to keep damage focused and not spread out or you’d be slaughtered after setting off the alarm units.

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yaaaaay!! congratz!! x’D \o/

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Thank you, thank you!

She also came with Blue Poison some hours later because recruitment decided to give me senior operator with sniper tags. So many operators to promote, too few LMD, chips, materials and love for warmongerings tactics to slaughter the heretics to share at a time :fgo_casgilworry:

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