GBL & Genesect Sp. Research Pokémon


I’m not trying to complain because of the whole COVID-19 thing going on but it sort of is a complaint. More of wondering what is happening kind of thing…

I haven’t been raiding really in terms of going to my usual spot for T4 & T5 raids. Also I would not have purchased the Genesect Special Research, since it will be in ex-raids… but to keep occupied I have been doing the GBL & special research.

All the pokies in the GBL rewards and field research rewards for Genesect haven’t been that great in terms of IVs. For Cobalion I have only gotten 1 at 1709 CP while all the others were at 1685 CP or under. Same thing with the capture 10 pokies for genesect research to get low CP nicanda or shieldon.

Just wondering if anyone is having the same issue. I know getting good IV pokies is not necessarily relevant to some people but it seems like most people try to get the best possible pokies they can get. Trying to see if the good iv pokies rates have dropped…

You do know that that the chance of getting a hundo from the raid is 1/216, a 98% 3/216, 96% 6/216, … so getting anything above 82% is 1/2 but also getting a Cobalion below 84% is 1/2.
I do believe the floor is the same for raids as it is for the rewards in the GBL or the research.
Your 1709 (probably a 15/10/15) and 1685 (probably a 10/15/15) are both 89% IV and the chance of getting a 89% IV or better is 56/216 or about 1/4 so if you have 8 Cobalion from the GBL it is about right that you have 2 89% or better… if you have more Cobalions from the GBL you are a bit unlucky with this Pokemon, but probably someone else will be a bit more lucky then you…

Getting those high IV ones is all we really want, but we mostly get something that is around the 82/84 % mark and that to us is really not all that good :wink: we want better.

I can’t really complain lately (no I have no good Cobalions either) but I got a 100% Research Breakthrough Ferroseed this week, and I got a 100% (shiny) Klink out of a egg this week, and yesterday I got a 100% Solosis out of a trade… but my last 100% Legendary is from May last year.

Like @ikke mentioned, it all comes down to luck and RNG. The IV floor for Mons in raids, research rewards, eggs, and GBL encounters has always been 10/10/10, so the minimum hasn’t changed.

The reason you (and the rest of us) are more likely to get Mons with mid-tier IVs is because IVs follow a bell curve. The mid-range has a larger number of possible IV combinations. The closer you get to the IV floor or ceiling, the number of possible combinations lowers drastically.

For instance, there is only 1 possible IV combination for 100%, 3 for 98%, 6 for 96%, 10 for 93%, 15 for 91%, and so on. IVs on the middle of the curve (82-84%) have the highest number of possible combinations, making Mons with those IVs the average. As the IVs drop below the “average,” the number of possible combinations decreases once again as well. Therefore, the worst IV combinations are just as unlikely as the best IV combinations.

Thus, we can expect that the average Mon we encounter via these methods will end up with IVs in the low 80s range.

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Thank you for both of you answering. It didn’t occur to me the pokie IVs were on a bell curve. That makes sense. I thought for some reason that a good IV pokie would eventually pop up, no matter which pokie it was…

I don’t regret my purchase, but I’m pretty disappointed about Genesect. I’m the type of guy that maxes some pokemon out just because I like them and Genesect is one of them. But looking at it in my pokedex… the one from the special event seems rather useless when it will get its signature move along with different typings. Even if I were to make this one a solely Bug-type attacker (which I have none of, not that I am desperately in need anyway), the single one I get from the special research has pathetic IVs… it’s a pity