GBL is back! What fun

Hey there
I had forgotten how horrid and stressful legendaries are in 1500 and 2500 GBL. Decided to leave any matches at the first sight of legendary and ended up being like 90% of them.
Guess I’ll miss out on the league dust until they implement a no-legendary category as entertainment is a big part of playing.
I am not a competitive person and loathe “Win for the sake of winning” mindsets, willing to leave aside the fun factor (and we all know that’s the reason people hacked GBL recently too, but that’s outright illegal while the no-legendary policy is solely honor play)

You do realize in a capped league there is no inherent advantage to legendaries over, say starters? It’s all about the stats keeping under the CP cap so there are plenty of 'mon which perform as well or better than legendaries in those leagues.

In ML, yes it makes a difference but you are by no means pushed out of GL or UL due to lacking legendaries. Don’t like Cressalia? use Scizor. Don’t like Registeel? use Swampert. Don’t like GiratinA? There are sooo many 'tina counters any more. I know UL used to be “the Giratina league” but people have pretty well figured out how to counter it effectively and still deal with other threats (like Swampert). Yes, GiratinA will still be a common sight but it’s not an enormous hurdle anymore.



I found togekiss lead in 3 out of 5 battles this set. Wtf?

And I managed to win one of them. I guess they are in shock when I don’t switch… Almost won another one, aaaghhh.

F4ck all fairies.

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Long-awaited easily won 5th victory. Props on the black Charizard, though, whoever you were :ok_hand:t2:

I had three matches left in a set so I went and finished them. First match, I run into a Melmetal lead, game lags for five seconds, when it comes back I can’t fire my attack, get hit with two Rock Slides right away and a third one a second later :rofl: How long were they fixing it again?

I guess they were not fixing the lags. I guess they will accompany some of us for a longer time. I also don’t know if the lag issue can ever be solved completely, I guess not. How do other fast round-based online games deal with it? Or do they all have similar problems?

I keep having the same issue. We both click charged attack at the same time. They cast first. And then BEFORE i cast my charged attack, they hit me with another normal attack or even two… this is what was supposed to be fixed, and meh…

Don’t expect anything good from niantic tec…

Well, in your case it was because they charged before. Do you have any proof that it is an exploit? Then tell niantic, and not us :)
If not, well, keep on playing, yeeeehaaa

I don’t know if it is an exploit.

But i press charged attack. They cast theirs and after that i cast mine, but i can see clearly that i take a normal attack in between (you see the lightning bolt arriving when loading my charged attack screen, right before the appropiate balls start to appear).

In 1500 you will only see Registeel and Deo D, with some Cress or Melmetal.

No big deal.

But when in Ultra people started hurling non-Registeel, Deo D stuff like Giratina A, Togekiss, Swampert or Melmetal that clearly don’t belong there like confetti, yeah, count me out.

Just because you found a polite way to say ‘shut up and play’, doesn’t mean it’s okay, even when you put a smiley at the end. Each one of us can post whatever we want, be it venting or bragging, as long as we observe the site’s policy. If you find complaining about GBL boring and unpleasant, the title should have given you a hint. Also there’s a mute button at the bottom of the thread.


Unresponsive button problem?

Well at least you got your charge attack off against the opposing Pokemon you intended to hit. Often when I get the lag / cast second problem the opponent has already swapped out his pokemon for another. There is nothing more frustrating than anticipating a strong / super effective hit on an opponent only to see it end up as a ‘not effective’ against a new, mystery mon. GBL should be fun … usually it ain’t.

There you go. It took longer than I expected.

yup. bane of my existence lmao

You do realize you are telling people to use specialized counters hmm? That’s the whole point of my issue. The meta stat distribution has to be less steep or else you have to resort to very few select ‘mons to play, while a less defining meta opens far more options despite the fact there will still be a meta.
I want to see lots of pokemons out there to play with, not 7 or 8. I want to feel matches different from each other with more unpredictability. I want to see a display of skill on different scenarios and feel battles fun to win or lose (and why not a few prizes while at it too).
Matches were so stressful and frustrating back when I posted the original comment I haven’t played league since, as I’m waiting on Master League. The matches are a bit hectic but I have a legendary or two maxed for raids’ sake (And that I actually love because they are so cute :heart::heart::heart:) and see what non-legendary master league holds for us all.

I wonder what a “UL with legendaries banned” meta would look like.

I’d say it’d be even more dominated by starters with CD moves.


Yep. @hkn Minus GiratinA, registeel, Articuno, melmetal (let’s say it is legendary) and cress it would be mainly swampert, Chari, Venusaur, obstagoon, Snorlax. probably a bit less charmers and alolan muks as well. Dragonite and gliscor would have a bigger role