GBL match of the day

I know we had a similar thread e.g. about meta and not knowing how to use it, but here’s a place for all the matches you remember at the end of the day.

Here it’s definitely one mispicked cp714 vullaby as lead of my team, in the back snorlax and shadow Nidoqueen. I don’t know why I picked that, I just thought, ok, gonna lose this match. However, opponent had its alowak up front and, for whatever reason, didn’t want to switch. Bone club didn’t do much, resisted. My dark pulse instead, not shielded, ofc, did do a lot. Didn’t shield the shadow bone and farmed it down with snorlax. In comes azumarill, i switched to Nidoqueen, azu stayed in for one poison fang and a bit until he switched to ferrothorn, which got another poison fang, while i didn’t shield the following acid spray. I switched again to snorlax. That was more or less neutral, end of story, i farmed down ferrothorn and hit azu with the last poison fang…
Great to see that even CP700 mons can compete when you’re lucky and the opponent underestimates them :D

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Nice one:

My old-school GirA/empoleon/goon team vs an XL lvl50 team. Facing altaria 2266cp as lead. I simply run DB/DC, she doesn’t shield, i don’t shield the sky attack (why no baiting???). Can farm down before the 2nd SA. Facing Umbreon next, can fire off two DC before fainting. I come in with my goon, not shielding two foul plays and hitting it with a hyper beam. Gone. Both left with two shields, a talonflame (2493 CP) comes in, i farm it down with empoleon.
Great to see running such expensive teams down, hhaa

I have 3 slightly off topic (but PVP related) questions for the PVP Gurus. Yesterday I played the UL Premium track for the first time. I am not a PVP Noob, but also not too active in GBL

  1. i was surprised that I was able to progress from level 5 to level 9 in a single session. I played 4 out of 5 rounds, progressing every round even when winning only 1-3 matches per round. Is this normal with Premium or just some fluke because it is so early (for me) in the season?

  2. I actually only tried Premium because I mistakenly thought I could use my Freebie Daily Raid pass but of course ,it cost me a Premium Battle Pass. Is this always the case?

  3. and lastly … if one does not finish all five rounds by midnight, does GBL re-set and battles after midnight come from the new day’s quota? Any tricks to do any unfinished rounds if one starts late and cannot complete by midnight? Thanks to the Gurus in advance

1 - this season is much shorter regarding the wins necessary. I Put a Reddit Link in another thread (too lazy to search for it now)
2. Yep, that’s the normal way. I never use premium for that…
3. Afaik you can finish the started set and then the next row of (5) sets starts.

Just to expand on #3, because I had the same question a while back and kindly had it answered, as long as a set is started before midnight it doesn’t count towards the 5 the next day. I often slip in one fight just to start the set if I know I’m not getting to PVP for the rest of the day.

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My app crashed and I still won final game of set…my Talonflame vs Swampert. I switch to Cresselia, they switch to Cresselia. Right at the end of the drying paint contest, they switch to Charizard. I switch to Talonflame. They end up surviving, but I have 2 GK stored, I throw the first to finish the Charizard. Then app crashes. I reopen app, go to battle button, I see their almost dead Cress has just finished my now dead Cress…enter my full health Shiftry, I throw a Leaf Blade, they block. I block their Moonblast. I throw another LB and their Cress is gone. My shiftry LBs their Swampert to win. The timeout clock was getting low, too…even with stuff on both sides having things that can oneshot an opponent’s pokemon


No way :D
That’s a battle… Especially with the crash

I’m doing Talonflame; Shiftry; Cresselia. Swampert a pretty common opponent leadoff. I go right into Cresselia, sometimes they soften my Cress with a Swampert HC, then they go to their Cress. My Talonflame ends up farming and they switch to Swampert…I go Shiftry. It’ll be Melmetal needing to beat Shiftry and charged up Talonflame. I win.

Another scenario, opponent shadow Swampert. I go Cress, they go Registeel. I farm with Talonflame. They switch to Swampert, I go Shiftry. They use both shields, then switch to their Clefable. I put a LB into Clef and switch to Talonflame. They put an already charged HC Swampert into Talon. With Shiftry I LB Swampert, then LB Registeel. Win with less than 10 sec on clock.

That is the good outcome…complete nailbiting and multiple switches. Other end is me losing big, their leadoff Obstagoon getting 2 opening NS boosts.

Final battle to get another 4-1…my Talonflame vs. Talonflame. my Cress vs Umbreon, I switch to Shiftry. They started throwing FP instead of LR. They go to sliver of Talon, I go to Cress and GK it. They bring Umbreon back to FP my Cress. I GK the Umbreon. Finishes with Cress vs Cress, they have more health. However we both debuff, and I still have a sliver of Shiftry left, I switch and get a FP in and immediately won the timeout.

I always like winning the day’s last battle, even with a timeout…I kinda tanked the opening Talon vs. Talon, but they switched to save a 25hp Talon…and they initially did a FP on Shiftry, they musta been tapping way too fast to not see the incoming grass/dark icon. At 2150, some other seasons I would start rank 20 here, not this one, started at 1860.

Tough for me to remember the battles my Talonflame had a huge advantage…I guess the Articuno and Machamp, I might just need Talonflame up front for the other Talonflame

Nice to see you using shiftry. Haven’t come across one this season and only one last season. Do you also instaswitch to cress vs GirA?

Talonflame Vs a Gira-A leadoff I want to go Cress, not ideal doing that though, I’m sure I’ve gone into Shiftry a couple times instead. With shields available Shiftry doesn’t have a lot of an advantage to spare vs even a SC Gira-A since it already has some energy built up…I see many more SC instead of DB Gira-A.

I don’t feel that great about going against a leadoff Gira-A, it could go either way and lacks memorable outcomes. Way better than a leadoff goon though, very uphill vs goon

Ah, that was great, lead my GirA vs their cress. As often, i switch a turn before their moonblast gets in into my empoleon to catch it resisted. They charge a bit then switch into SC GirA. Appreciated, cause I let empoleon go -except for 10hp or so and bring in goon, stack up two night slashes, bring down their GirA and nearly blow away cress at the end as well. Shield one grass knot, the second puts down my goon. Still have my GirA at near full-health and a shield left. They bring in registeel. I catch one flash cannon with my low Hp empoleon, while I dont shield the 2nd one with GirA.
Times up!!! I still have that shield left, but they don’t -cause they shield two bait dragon claws!!

Take home messages
1)never give up (i nearly quit when I saw their registeel with two shields left)
2)don’t play for time’s up without shields, hahaha.

2164; 4-1 first set. Seems every battle 1st set had a Talonflame imprint (no Gira-A seen)…some fairies around, too. My Talonflame/Shiftry/Cress wins easy against Talonflame/Swampert/Cress. Loses bad against Talonflame/Obstagoon with a boost…I guess fairies were around just as much for Goon/Umbreon as fighting/Gira. Somebody tried to do Togekiss up front, Gunfisk in middle, and Regirock in back, but my Cress is gonna easily put the Regirock aside…just imagine what Swampert/Politoed would do there

Interesting! We’re at the same rank, i am going up and down between 21and22 the last three days. Just faced an interesting poliwrath/double steel spammer (melmetal/perrserk) team, which i only won due to a happy switch to GirA to tank the dynamic punch of poliwrath

I went 4-1; 2-3; 5-0. 2223 now. Just faced a DP Umbreon; Cress; Politoed. Time out, I won with more pokemon (and more health)…Cress vs Cress it became really obvious they had FS and GK, I mean they threw 10 GK;) at my Cress, they started with HP advantage and finished with 10hp+a move…Shiftry farm…yep FS, didn’t do anything. Politoed WB not strong enough to beat a count down clock, takes 5+ secs every spam move

15 battles today and seen 3 Articuno, an Abomasnow, many fairies, many Talonflame…BUT zero Melmetal. When I change squads it might be to include Melmetal

Whoa, after the melmetal flood, registeel flood :confused:
Difficult to beat. Plus many fighters here, death for my team. Fell to 2130

Just so tough for me to abandon Cresselia, rn taking advantage of the double grass along with Shiftry. Plus on paper Shiftry and Cress beat SC Gira-A. Onematch today, Talonflame vs Togekiss. I guess they go Lapras (not super significant) except I stay in too long and shield a Surf and switch with stored Talonflame energy. I go Shiftry. Anyway they don’t shield, they farm a little with Togekiss plus two shields. I shield an Ancient Power but they got AP boost, they shield both FC. I try to survive the boosted Charms and we faint at the same time, neither with any shields. It is SC Gira-A vs my Cresselia. I win w/o sweating that much. At the end like that, with no shields and entering at the exact same time, then Cress on your side is pretty comfy.

I think one time I saw a Swampert leadoff, I switch to Cress, then they went to HEATRAN! I won but just because they had Swampert and I had ultimate Swampert beater Shiftry…they probably had Cress/Gira-A as their other one…Swampert was just too bad vs Shiftry in that scenario

***Struggles, after writing all that…opponent leads Melmetal…someone comes to my door to do remodeling work here, so not paying close attention. I switch to Shiftry. Not ideal but it is what I have…they throw SP and go to their Talonflame. I throw FP and bring my Talonflame back after shiftry gone…I’m doing what I can…I get rid of their Melmetal and finally GK their Talon to faint. They have SC Gira. It was so tough to beat Melmetal and Talon maybe I thought they wouldn’t have a 3rd pokemon, and/or maybe it coulda been Swampert and I coulda squeezed a GK in there. Opponent’s team gonna be feast or famine vs Swampert or no Swampert

I went 4-1; 2-3; 5-0; 1-4 with Talon; Shiftry; Cress. Switched to Melmetal; Talon; Gira-O and finished 4-1…2224 now

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Thanks for the feedback and thanks to Squiffy too!!!

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By the way, facing more and more galvantula/Umbreon cores. Any YouTube vid on that? I mean, i like it, usually an easy beat if they lead with galv and not with umbreon…

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Probably something, my last battle had Umbreon up front and Galvantula in back. I don’t remember all that much but I double Superpowered and went to Talonflame. Not sure what they had in middle. Gist being they brought Umbreon to finish Melmetal, then I got into the weird scenario of Gira-O shadow clawing an Umbreon down…then easy street Galvantula finishes. Like I’ve said previously, I really like winning the last battle of the day. Plus 4-1 gives much more points than 3-2.

Now I’m trying to remember what was in middle!

Maybe it was their Talon?

Kinda goes to the point of this thread…all I remember is I superpowered an umbreon and shadowballed a Galvantula to finish…However, my son’s is rank 18 and I played a few to inch to 19. My memory and mindset changes since he is limited to what he has…doing Togekiss/Cress FS+MB/A-Muk latest set got a 5-0

Wow, literally never would have thought I could ever win this!
New team, new move, new league: hippowdon with ice fang, EP and rock wb/abomasnow/standard gyara.
Worst scenario, facing shadow swampert lead. Switch to Gary just before their HC. They go to shadow abomasnow. I do not shield, they shield my aqua tail. Gary goes down so I could switch to my abomasnow. They accidentally (maybe thought hippo comes in again) grass knot… their shadow Abomasnow goes down, in comes talonflame, could land a rockWB. Not one shot ofc, so I took ome damage, but could land an EP on shadow swampert. Also not one Shot, but because I had some ho left on my aboma, i could tank the HC with it and farm down swampert… Phew… Edit: of course it was energy ball, not grass knot ;)