GBL Practice system

I feel many of us has thought about this but,what if Niantic implements a “Unrated practice system”? I mean, you can play PVP all you want but you won’t be winning any points or rewards whatsoever. The opponents would be determined by your actual ranking in the rated system.

I know Poketubers do this in a way by sharing their codes to play with it’s viewers but not all people are Youtubers so…

…this way you can practice all you can and improve your skills without worrying about the issues the GBL already has. What do you guys think?

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I mean, season 5 is basically “practice mode” with rewards so…

I think we needed this more when walking was still a requirement. Now you can do whatever you want and just climb at last week of season. you can also wait for season 5.

"Season 5 will be shorter than previous seasons, at just three weeks long. Additionally, ratings won’t be in effect for this season: you’ll progress through the ranks by winning a certain number of battles. We hope to see Trainers try out new strategies, test different battle teams, and prepare for Season 6!"

If alot of players are already feeling the bad influences of lag how much worse would it get when everybody plays all day long?

Unless they use CPU opponents with enhanced AI like in the battle frontier during BW or stuff like those from XY, that’s asking for problems.

There is already a practice system - battle your friends.

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Some players can pull this off, I counted my Great League options yesterday and I had 47 possible pokemon. However, the few times recently I was challenged to a battle by a random friend, usually just 1 battle. They see what you used, then nothing else to do bc no way to communicate that I’m going to switch my team if they wanted a rematch. Takes a lot of pokemon, some organization and a good method of communicating

I’ve always wished they had a separate free for all battle without the cost of your rating. There are so many mons and team comps I want to use for fun. It would also be great practice.