GBL Promotion (season 8)

Is it just me, or does everyone get bumped a level every 5 matches? I usually start late to let the fanatics surge ahead. Just did 6 and 7 today, each with a single set of 5 battles, winning a paltry 2 of 5 in both cases, and getting promoted.

Is this new? Is something broken? Or did all the fanatics play 20 matches yesterday and get to level 20 or above?

Any info welcome.

Seems to be that way under 10.

We were told “We’re excited to announce that rank-up requirements will be adjusted, so you’ll be able to reach rank 20 more quickly!”, Obviously it’s about half (maybe a bit more) of the wins which are required compared to season 7

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Well, those data miners are doing some impressive work, as they have data for season 10, and we’re just in season 8.

Suspect that’s a typo/joke, but the advancement is consistent with what I’ve seen. One win in five battles to get promoted from 6-10 seems pretty simple.

Thanks for the info.

The " joke " is explained in the first comment (maybe you already read it, but here it comes, they counted the first two pre-seasons as seasons…), but thanks for pointing this out ;)

5 out of my last 6 GBL pokemon encounters have been Regi. 2 ice, 2 steel, 1 rock. Debate whether Regi is a worthwhile reward, but way better than the other 1 of the 6: Ariados. Getting to level 20 is a faster way to get legendary encounters sooner