GBL - Razor Leaf or Vine Whip?

the recommended fast move for grass types in PvP is generally always VW for the faster energy gain (which i totally understand), however in my experience razor leaf performs like a psuedo-charm user (especially against mudbois). i know they serve different purposes (fast attack dps vs. energy gain) and i guess the answer to my question is situational lol but just wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts were. thanks!

For a Pokemon like Venusaur that has access to both, I prefer Razor Leaf because I can shred an Azumarill without needing charge moves. But I also then lose some neutral matchups.

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In Great League Razor Leaf was better, because mudbois were more popular than in Ultra + boring bunny.

In Ultra League, Vine Whip is preferred due to fasting charges and there less target thattakes SE damage( Water starters, and rarely smth else) and many that ressist grass so when in negative matchup, you can do some pressure with Sludge Bomb or EQ.

For me overall grass is risky choice in Ultra.

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I wouldn’t have been able to shred the Swampert in my last battle without RL, but then I lost to Giratina because I would have needed a faster Frenzy Plant following my Sand Tomb, and Torterra doesn’t learn Vine Whip. I get a better battle with Lapras Ice if I have TT with RL, but a better battle with Lapras Water if I have Venusaur with VW.

My favorite Grass Pokemon is Venusaur and it is the only Grass i use for PvP
For me Vine Whip is the choice
With Vine Whip, you can outpace other Grass to launch Sludge Bomb first. I believe the only grass type currently can beat it isTropius due to the flying moveset
That in Great League

In Ultra League, i need that fast moves energy gain to counter the charmer, and in some situation use it as a desperate attack on the like of charizard…