GBL S2 - Early Feedback

how has it been going for everyone thus far? my main account is not off to the best of starts, 23-12 (4-1/4-1) yesterday, (4-1/3-2/4-1/1-4/3-2) today, currently in rank 5. the annoying part is that several of my losses have come from inexplicably firing off 2-3 extra fast moves before my charge move triggers. which seems to be a widespread issue at the moment despite the maintenance earlier today. blah. at this point i doubt Niantic will ever get it right

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About to hit 5 in another set. Feels like my charges are lagging a little but at this point that means, relative to what? I’m not getting the whole match freezing anymore, so that’s good. Y’all better have multiple teams ready for this GL.

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that’s for damn sure lol. the team i used to take me from 2375 to 2500 is not performing all that well at the moment. going to try running my OG squad for a few sets tmrw. sigh.

Yeah, one of my big streak teams screeched to a halt right after I hit 4, thankfully I’m always broke on dust meaning I have like 20 more ‘mons to choose from.

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Only played two sets and went 4-1 on each. Avoided it yesterday figuring the real sweaty playa’s gonna be hitting it early. CMP has always been an issue and I don’t see it going away unless Niantic changes how/when activating charge moves works. As it is, I’ve lost some where I should have had CMP in any IV situation. We’ll see how the lag issues are as time goes by.

Debating when to use the pass…want to maximize the return so waiting for rank 7 and maybe going 3-2 doesn’t seem like a good idea…I’ll probably use it on my next set and get at least a 4-1.

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i’m trying to stay strong and bank dust for UL/ML (currently sitting on ~165k) since i already broke the promise i made to myself about not spending any dust on GL for S2 and proceeded to blow ~250k building Toxicroak/Ferrothorn/Clefable/Hypno/Swampert & a couple others about a 10 days-a week ago. not complaining since Ferro/Toxicroak were instrumental in me hitting rank 9 but the randomness of GL a tthe moment is somewhat tempting me to build a couple others fml

smart man lol. i played my two sets yest around 11:30-11:45pm EST cause i was having trouble falling asleep haha. those went well luckily, but post-maintenance has not been kind to me

I’m 14-1 at the moment which is fantastic but the matches were either fairly easy or very difficult. One match I face a Shadow Alakazam using Frustration and the next I face a Registeel with Focus Blast and Flash Cannon and Pokemon swaps to predict charge moves. Even in S1 at Rank 7 it was rare to see a Registeel with two charge moves.

Feel same. I managed to solo with my whiscash two funny teams in row:

  • Team 1: Seviper, Camerupt, Muk
  • Team 2 Entei,Golem, Flygon

And next two fights i was crushed hard, even in one fight Meganium sweeped whole my team.

So i either need tio use 1-2 mons to easy wins or get hard defeat and dont know my opp whole team.

And i didnt saw single REgi, Azu, Altaria or Skarmory. Mostly random picks+ Hypno and Meganium.

awesome! my trading alt is currently 18-2 (17 match streak). why is this happening lmao i think its time to start playing my main at night and alt during the day instead of the other way around :expressionless:

Just went to rank 4 with 2 wins, 4 losses, no Stunfisk.

There’s 1 match I SWEARED I could win if not for me firing off a play rough in front of a dead Swampert. (Then I was one fast attack remaining from finishing a Skarmory at 1 HP and it kills my Marowak with a Sky Attack.)

PS I haven’t saw Shadow Victreebel or Gardevoir.

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just happened to me in my first match of the day. this is so ridiculous…

See that’s the weird stuff I was expecting and haven’t seen this season! I wonder if it’s because I’m hitting it harder early on (used all 5 sets yesterday) and I’m stuck with the ‘big players’ or if GBL has pushed out the noobs and people trying weird stuff…:frowning:

So weird!!! Azu, Regi, Skarmory, and Bastiodon make up like 80% of my opponents. :crazy_face: What rank are you at? I’m rank 4 at the moment and play randomly throughout the day.

2 sets on main thus far today, 3-2/4-1. just hit rank 6 (30-15), going to take a break for a bit so hopefully most (if not all) of the rank 10s and people actually good at GL move up lol

Also 4, but today meet my first Azu and Skarmory in one team, it was easy win :stuck_out_tongue:

Close to hitting rank 6. Was using the meta line for a while but it kind of bores me. Been trying other things and hit some lag. Also tried a set with galvantula and lost every lead. Was really annoyed.


Well so far here are my observations of Season 2:

  1. Lag isn’t often but when it is, its bizarre! Lost a round due to all of the following: 3rd shield glitch, dead 'mon glitch (swapped at 1/3 health but delay or something caused it to die before swapping), stalled fast moves, & double tapping charge moves; if even one of those hadn’t occurred, I am fully confident I would have won. :rage:
  2. New glitch where you are dropped immediately upon entering a match, which is counted as a loss. :dizzy_face:
  3. Seeing less variety than last seasons. Wondering if this is due to forcing out less dedicated players/noobs or if people want to keep their w/l ratio high for points or if people have finally figured out their teams. :man_shrugging:
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i ran my cookie-cutter meta team in one set for shits and giggles yesterday because i haven’t used it since the VERY beginning of S1…and went 1-4 lol. immediately went back to my semi-meta-but-still-fringe team, which has been doing well but far from perfect. really gotta get better at managing bad lead matchups in GL

Played my last set for the day. Went 4-1 to push me over 6. Forgot how fast swampert is a lead, especially when the meta does not tend to lead grass. Ran swampert Skarmory and medicham. Only lose was too the shadow team. Lost lead and that was it.

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