GBL Season 10

Season 10 already announced!
Not much in terms of new moves or meta changes. But some underdogs got new moves to play.
It’s funny that pound has to be nerfed despite been already a horrible move.
Rock tomb buff is very welcomed (but is still a very expensive move…) and johto and sinnoh Cups are going to be fresh new metas, looking forward for them


Was chansey really deserving of a nerf? it’s my least favorite pokemon and I only encountered a few times, but it’s damage output wasn’t the actual threat. One running out of time was…

Not in my opinion. But as I didn’t play kanto cup this last rotation I can’t really tell. It’s bulk is just stupid, that’s for sure, and they can’t touch it, so a partial solution was this, perhaps…

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Someone at Niantic really loves Rock Tomb.

RIP to all the Pound users out there who were devastating the meta. /s

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At least the people who didn’t learn to throw curveball throws can finally catch legendaries in pvp

They must have watched the replay of me throwing 30 (yes, 30) excellent curves at a Cobalion encounter and not catching it.

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Granted the number of legendaries I caught from GBL is just double digits, but I don’t think a single one took me more than 10 balls

Not exactly the Bug-type buff we were looking for lol

But this is the meta I’m talking about:

I do find it hilarious they keeping giving Claydol new moves almost every season and yet nobody uses it! :rofl: I mean, basically none of the guys that were given Rock Tomb will use it IMHO. Way too expensive to see use as a debuffing move. If it was dropped to something like Sand Tomb or Icy Wind then sure.


Claydol is just 3 or 4 moves away from becoming mew lol.
Rock tomb needs to be 50 energy at least, is a bad move even with the debuff Effect. But this is something.

I could see Donphan getting some play, it already had Counter which is easily the best fast move in PvP so the addition of a cheap spamable charge move to bait with might be just what it needs to finally shine, it’s previous charge moves aren’t bad just costly.



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I’ve been using donphan in UL for like 2.5 seasons now, I’m super stoked about body slam!

Same. Tried it last season and always felt like Heavy Slam was too slow/weak. Body spam is what it needs!

Shine might be too much. Pure ground types, such as donphan, have no play for a reason. Interestingly, right now Groudon is the best in UL. not far behind donphan and the hippo. All below pvpoke75, my personal spice threshold. But yea, some spice is always nice. Probably better for PC UL anyway. There you have already the hippo as a nice ground thing, with more bulk and better charged moves, so I am probably not going to give my donphan a second move soon.

The move updates are mostly for the cups I guess. Especially Johto might be a bit unbalanced right now. And finally, that funny owl has more play.

It’s tough out there for poor Donphan…can barely even learn many Ground moves for being a mono Ground type. BS is one of the best things they could have given our boy.

Someone at Niantic:

“Should we make Noctowl broken?”
“Yeah, let’s”

BS bullshit

(Btw, they gave lock on to the octopus. Not the owl. That’d be broken with SB … shullbit)

The thing is Noctowl already knows the best Flying charge move. Now it gets the best Ghost one. It’ll be better at Drifblim’s job than Drifblim is. Gust when for everyone’s favorite death balloon?

Drifblim? A flying balloon vs an owl. Owl always wins :rofl:

Very different profile though. Drifblim a resistance specialist (three double and one triple, poison resistance is great) and debuffer, owl with SB a bulkier (neutral) coverage specialist and dedicated ghost waller.
Edit: plus drifblim much more offensive: just looked up the SB damage vs azu - 72 drif and 53 for the owl. Since both survive an ice beam easily and drifblim charges faster, that’s quite a difference: drifblim wins all shield scenarios, the owl just the 1shield (vs non XL azu)

But you can’t forget Sky Attack though… I want to say the owl gets to Sky Attack via Wing Attack faster than Drif gets to SB via Hex. 25 damage difference but… okay, now I need to try this to see.

If ghosts are abundant in the meta, the owl is it. Trevenant might be the prime reason to use it, you can farm it down without a shield. Also the owl is great if you need some bulk.
If not or if ghosts are covered by the others, then I’d go for drifblim. Ad always team composition matters. My owl has better IVs than my drif, so I might use it by myself as well :)