GBL Season 12

They finally did it! And kind of compensate for the lack of changes for a very long time. A lot of changes that were asked by the community (walrein, registeel, rollout miltank and dunsparce, poison jab medusa boy) one or two personal wishes became true (scald tentacruel, surf lanturn, shadow claw runerigus) and we even have a lot of niche and meme mons that were pretty much upgraded: no one asked for ice punch haunter, dynamic punch ledian, or thunderbolt nidorida (among so many things) but I just need to try them out now.

Not to mention 2 new moves learned by a lot of different mons.

This was a good one :raised_hands:


I’m gonna be blowin a lot of stardust making some new GL mons

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Interesting. Quick attack… Maybe my Raticate will be viable in normal GL?
Psychic fangs on steelix… I see a lot of baits

I’ve already been dabbling with the A-Rat with Quick Attack and have gotten a couple wins, so looking forward to it being more viable. Will be interesting to see the actual stats for the new moves/buffs/nerfs

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A lot of awesome changes. I was also reading through the various Cups and there’s a new one - Willpower Cup - which is Fighting, Psychic, Dark and Gardevoir is banned. Charm will be very oppressive but there are plenty of eligible Pokemon other than Gardevoir that have Charm - Wobuffet, Gallade, Liepard, Meowstic (Female), and Gothitelle.

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Does anyone know what the changes to the normal are? Quick attack is 4 EPT tackle is 3?

This will bring quick attack from “some average normal move” to “insane energy generating stupidly op normal move”. This also throws lock on into the trash, pokedaxi!

Should be renamed “Season of Baits” with all those Psychic Fang additions :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Gonna depend on some steels then for that cup. Feint Attack Bronzong looks interesting in a few of these special cups.

Ayooooo they fixed my boy…er…thing…whatever Mawile is. RIP to the 20 or so Mawiles I transferred before though thinking it would just stay unusable :joy: my best one now is like rank 550 or something……kind of still wanna invest though

When looking over all of this I feel like it isn’t crazy to say this is the best GBL season thus far…

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The only thing that bums me out is the lack of Remixes for GL and UL. Those are usually my favorite leagues

?? Lock on with 5, quick Attack 4 (don’t think it’s anything else) - that’s a huge difference. Also, counting in that normal is a bad offensive typing, energy generation is much more important than damage. Plus quick attack is rival to a lot of good moves on most pokemon (e.g. mud shot on diggersby), so it’s still far away from OP


Now that you mention it I have to say I think they made an oversight having Master Premier Classic. IMO there should just be Master and then Master Premier. I have quite a few legendaries that it’s extremely unlikely I’ll ever get to level 50, sitting at 40 that I want to play, and I don’t think that would be all that disruptive in the league without XL being involved.

Biggest upgrade, which I just saw, is fairy wind being a great fast move. Goodbye charm alone, hello fairy variety :)

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Are the stats out for the move changes/additions?

I saw some on pvpoke. E.g. Fairy wind - 1.5/4.5 (mud shot clone)
Seems there’s just the new moves in the database
Don’t know how reliable though

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At the very least it does neutral damage to most mon’s, similar to dragon types. Quick attack will then also become a clone of vine whip and powder snow, which are abused moves

Go to Bulbapedia for the stats.
Fairy Wind=Mud Shot
Double Kick=3 turn Vine Whip
Quick Attack=Vine Whip
Rollout=bad Snarl*

*IMHO this is an un-needed pre-nerf. We don’t even know how abused Dunsparce and Miltank will be.

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Does that Tackle update really do anything for the pokemon that have it?

Exactly, powder snow and Vine whip. Two good good moves, but who uses it? Venusaur got more of a niche pick (basically most grass mons are not really great anymore since poison took over as azu counter) and powder snow beast walrein was so overpowered because of icicle spear. So tell me which Mon having quick attack could spread similar fear? Exactly, none. As said, the only meta mon having access to quick attack has a better move - digger with mud shot.

@captpepperjack I’m quite sure they thought about miltank when they nerfed rollout…