GBL Season 5

Season 5 begins on Monday, November 9, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PST! Lots of new cups.

The Little Cup will run from Monday, November 9, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. to Monday, November 16, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PST. Only Pokémon that are able to evolve and have not evolved even once are eligible. The CP limit is 500.

The Kanto Cup will run from Monday, November 16, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. to Monday, November 23, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PST. Only Pokémon with a Pokédex number between #001 and #151 are eligible. The CP limit is 1,500.

Yes, Alolan and Galarian forms are allowed.

The Catch Cup will run from Monday, November 23, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. to Monday, November 30, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PST. Only Pokémon that have been caught since the beginning of Season 5 are eligible. The CP limit is 1,500. Mythical Pokémon—such as Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Victini—are not eligible for the Catch Cup.

There are also some move additions:

Incinerate - Kanto Rapidash, Typhlosion, Ho-Oh, Unova Darmanitan, Chandelure. Ho-Oh has a fire type fast move!
Poison Sting - Vespiquen, Drapion, Whirlpede
Flame Charge - Kanto Rapidash, Entei, Emboar, Chandelure

Ho-Oh finally has a STAB fast move. There’s no info on Incinerate damage or energy gain. Poison Sting may end up a Mud Shot or Psycho Cut clone, Niantic is still fiddling with the energy generation.

Start stacking research encounters I guess? Not going to be PvP iv ideal but for the little cup I have about 500 luckies in storage, maybe max a Wurmple? Yeah, I don’t take GBL serious…try to go 13-12, probably correct route for everyone during season 5

I have no start dust but this has counter at least

Wynaut vs Wurmple…random ridiculous options both at 497cp. Bronzor with Confusion an option. Wooper with Water Gun and Body Slam+Mud Bomb probably ok…Scratch that Wooper, Wynaut beats it into the ground. Bronzor beats Wynaut

I’m thinking to go with this team for little cup. Dragon double steel baby version :rofl:

Wynaut is a good choice too. Super bulky HP with Counter and psychic type, too bad the only charge move is pretty bad. Onix looks good too, but i’m guessing a lot of people will just run razor leafs. Seel looks pretty good with ice shard (watergun is elite) and icy wind. barboach is pretty much whiscash. Going to burn a lot of stardusts in Season 5…

Yeah I poached an IS/IW Dewgong from maybe my 5th best account, I don’t play it anymore…first 3 seasons did the minimum to get it to rank 8. It had a Glacial Lure and it finally caught some Seel. Finished my main’s Ultra Sirfetch’d today, about 60k left to finish new Dewgong (bc extra move). Now not sure if I wanna finish that or save, as much as I’m capable of saving.

I can’t see a Wynaut path to victory vs a Shadow Shuckle…maybe all the Shuckle rocks could beat some flying stuff, too. Barboach obviously would beat a Shuckle of any sort.

Shuckle doesn’t evolve, but Barboach does seem interesting at least. This is giving me headache;). Comparing Levels+bulk+ type it is topsy-turvy at best.

I found the ultimate Wynaut counter at least: Shadow Duskull with Hex.

I’m not sure what to expect for Kanto Cup. I was thinking Dragon/Fairy/X but Dragonair has doo doo moves and Dragonite isn’t as bulky in GL as it in in UL/ML. But Dragonite has the double weakness to Ice, the added weakness to Rock, and doesn’t resist Electric.

Interestingly not many Steel type moves to worry about even though some Kanto Pokemon had the Steel type added or have an Alolan Steel form.

Alola Dugtrio has Iron Head


I guess my new Dewgong could be good in the Kanto Cup, already rated high in regular great league. It beats Beedrill, questionable matchup with Tentacruel though;)

Oops forgot about Magnemite and fam because they were originally only Electric.

Still looking for stuff that beats Wynaut in Little League, pretty even with Wynaut and a really frail Snubbull, same almost even with tissue paper Yanma.

Poochyena maybe. I’m not sure Snarl/Crunch is spammy enough to outpace the Counter damage.
Bronzor could be a top pick for the cup (overall not as a Wynaut counter).

Bronzor is my early blind pick, but people will find a way to counter it, too. Pooch vs Wyaut is pretty close, Pooch with an energy advantage can come out on top and/or Pooch with a shield vs Wynaut with no shields

Poison Sting, is it the barrel of needles being shot, or like, the useless one that like shoots a poison thorn?’

Anyone else gonna be running, in the Little Cup, a CP 500 Bidoof–’

  1. Little Cup is literally just SHIT. 1 week entry wall that still requires you to make hefty investments for a MERE WEEK. Count, me, out. Not sure why GameFreak obssesses in this cancer and spreads it here just to make sure you drain your resources for a one week event. And even in MSG, I didn’t like the notion of Little Cup.
  2. Kanto cup, ok. I have resources and ready mades.
  3. What’s this shit? It benefits spoofers and nobody else. The guy who spoofs to get a Rank 1 Azumarill is going to crush this cup. Catch cup as I stand it has ZERO redeeming qualities like the Mega System. Unanimously 0.0. Might as well as open the 3 normal leagues for a week and try again.

So you actually only have ONE week to reach rank 7. This is not realistic, and I officially give up on even getting the ETM.

When I go back home I’ll make a topic about this.

If they do not keep open GL or ML premier available during this period, I will not even bother trying for the Elite FTM.

It’s even worse because it’s a Charged TM.

This is why PvP annoys me. Firstly, I’ll make it clear I don’t take anything away from those of you who love PvP and play regularly as this must be a really good change from the usual rotations and seeing the same teams over and over and doubtless you’ve made more dust from it that your new teams will use.

As someone who doesn’t PvP very often, generally speaking just do R7 for the Elite Charge TM and leave it there, I had a look at the viability of making a Halloween Cup team (as I thought an Elite FTM would be handy for my shadow Zapdos) and jacked it in almost straight away as too expensive, thinking I’ll be able to play again on 09th because the new season opened, so I messed with my passable GL team, powered up a good Azu I’d found, 2-moved my GL#43PvP Melmetal - I’ve bought a switch during lockdown - only to find that this investment is a total waste of time and now, if I want the “free” ECTM I’ve basically got to either reinvest in a fresh team because nothing I have for PvP fits the criteria, or throw out a random, very budget team and try and grind enough victories in 3 weeks to get the 75 victories (I think was calculated last season) and hit R7. I don’t have, as nobody does I expect, any teams for Week 1, my kanto’s are all UL level so no help there and the last week, is necessarily new investment.

So, whilst I don’t advocate every season being the same old GL,UL,ML, PC format with no variety, it would be nice if those of us who PvP more casually could at least have a chance at winning some battles, even if they kept 1 of the 3 tournaments ‘standard’ entries. I fully expect this is a move to steer people like me towards the double-bubble paywall of the Electabuzz/Magmar CDs this month.

I’ve finished complaining now and I know it won’t change anything. I feel better for getting it off my chest so with that said, may your S5 of PvP be entertaining and if anyone can throw any hints out there as to a budget team I could cobble together to maybe grind out R7 in a week, I’ll be grateful.


I fully expect this is a move to steer people like me towards the double-bubble paywall of the Electabuzz/Magmar CDs this month.

Oh never thought about that.

Listen these new leagues have 0.000 redeeming qualities. Nothing can be more unhinged, brazen and naked than this bullshit. And people are still defending the first week’s Little cup.

whilst I don’t advocate every season being the same old GL,UL,ML, PC format with no variety

That should be opened as an alternative in week 3, all 5 leagues at once. I expect Catch Cup’s cast being nothing but the same 5 spoofers who caught that Rank 1 Marill or Rank 1 Swablu from Guatemala or Togo while they sit on their UK Couches.