GBL Season 6

Looks like Season 6 is more like we had the previous seasons with your rating being important to reach the last few ranks. Just a whole lot longer…

Anything about rewards and cups known?

I hope they plan on giving out more than 1 ETM. That’s kind of a rip if you play the whole Time and only get 1! I’ll give it about a 60/40 chance they just give us 1 tho. Gotta sell those awful CD boxes!

I’m hoping for more cups as well. It’s gonna be incredibly boring if it’s just the open/premier for weeks on end. I’m fine with the open formats but when people are made to play just those the metas get very stale. I wouldn’t argue with more Kanto Cup! That was fun! Johto cup mayhaps?


Tbh I don’t know what to use the ETM for once I gave mewtwo psystrike. Other special rewards would be nice… Permanent mega stone or so :smiley:
About cups, I guess they take some to the UL level. Would be neat

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Yeah I’m starting to really accumulate the ETMs too, but I always want more for some reason. I wanna be able to make a Seaking and not think twice ya know?

I think UL cup would be cool, but the inherent problem is UL Pokémon aren’t cheap. Any cup would likely include a laundry list of Pokémon that need to be maxed, and plenty that aren’t good for anything else. Also I cant speak for everyone, but I don’t have a whole hell of a lot Pokémon made for UL. I’d guess around 10 or 12

Whoops, I have 35 or 36 made for Ultra use. I gradually improve my standing as the season goes…but having 3 dozen Ultra options doesn’t help a lot

I guess 37:
Shadow Swampert/Swampert

Still missing Snorlax; Armored Mewtwo 2nd move; Togekiss, my lucky Abomasnows aren’t good enough

Kanto UL for example has a variety of mons that are relatively cheap. Don’t see a problem there or in some other cups in UL.
Some cups for GL also expensive, think about bastiodon and alike.

Store them to give your historic maxed/shiny stuff their Elite moves as they’re released?

Yeah significantly less so though. Beyond Azu, Sabeleye, Medi, and Basti there’s not all that much that need to be maxed. I guess Lickitung came up in KC. Just to play kanto cup UL edition you’ve got: Wiggly, Clefable, Poliwrath (almost), sandslash, victribell…I could go on.

I dunno, maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m skeptical of a UL cup format. Big barriers to entry are bound to lead to lack of variety. Theres plenty of fun cup formats that could be done at the 1500 level.


At least poliwrath and cleffy I see/saw so often that most people seem to have it maxed already. You’re right at the variety level - but we all played our three weeks ML stuff, so that’s not a real argument for a cup lasting one week. Something similar to halloween cup would also be nice at the UL level
Course there is stuff for the 1500s cup, but to break it a bit up i think a restricted UL cup sounds cool

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New ideas are strenuous…one night Ultra Flying Cup. We already have our Pidgeot maxed to use for Mega, plus we all got the 2nd move for our Aerodactyl…just bump it up to Ultra

i really hope for Ultra Cups, as im not fan of 1500 league, and have lots mon for UL or i can make, which isnt a case in GL.

While I enjoy the cups as a change from the ho-hum leagues, I’m not sure doing one in UL makes a lot of sense for Niantic. Don’t get me wrong, I think it would be fun, but the idea is to provide a PVP experience that’s different from the norm and that isn’t too tough for everyone to participate in and perhaps even be competitive.

In the upper leagues, you sort of have to know what you are doing. It would be a bit restrictive for newbies because of the investment cost and might not be all that fun when up against experienced PVPers. At that point, why not do an ML Cup for those who grind ML? Many people skip ML already, but it would give those who do play it a nice change of pace. Maybe something like Non-dragon cup in ML?

if they really try to do one league at a time for an entire month they will lose tons of PvP players. Not me of course (until master league) but judging by how people talk on all the forums it seems like the normal 2 week league cycle is about as long as many people can stand.

In my opinion a 3 month season is not a good idea unless they have 3 cups active at a time, with one of them always being the 1500 cap so people can actually play. 1 Month of master league is like punishment


The inexperienced players are anyway at a hidden elo rating of about 1500 and play vs themselves, so that’s also not an argument. Plus that would be hindering from playing ML or UL) anyway and I think we will play UL and ML this season. Maybe they do a UL starter cup, that’s cheap for anyone, but PC is starter cup anyway :smiley:
Still see kanto UL as nice. Gyarados, venusaur, machamp, Charizard are cheap, snorlax, machamp, gengar,.mono dragonite also ok…

No starter cup until we can get CD moves please, very restrictive to anyone without.

Agree with not running ML on its own, even when you can compete it’s not a very fun format so more than a couple of weeks would be overkill


Not me. Actually, being forced to do this shit for every other month is death.

Hopefully december! But yeah if they don’t do that UL cups would be greatly hindered by a bunch of Pokémon that need CD moves to function properly.

They already did a 500cp cup. At some point couldn’t they do a 1000cp. 2000cp. 3000cp? Worked like a charm getting many people to waste stardust.

Don’t know if 3000 cp or below will be not different from Masters bar underleveled legendaries.

3500 would be more realistic.

The other 2 will be just insane. Enjoy seeing maxed LC mons.