GBL Season 7

Season 7 retains the same Rank structure as Season 6 but we’re getting new Cups and new rewards. For dates and times check the official post.

Master League Classic. Only Pokémon that haven’t been powered up with Candy XL are allowed in Master League Classic.
Great League Remix : The 10 most-used Pokémon in the Great League will not be allowed in this version of the league. We’ll share the list of ineligible Pokémon shortly after the Great League ends on March 15.
Retro Cup: This cup will be a throwback!! Only the first 15 Pokémon types, excluding Dark, Steel, and Fairy types, will be usable in this cup, and the CP limit will be 1,500.
An unranked Kanto Cup

What are you most excited for?

I’m very excited for the Great League Remix and I’m curious to see if Niantic will ever share data such as Top 10 Most Used Pokemon in the future even if there isn’t a Cup to go with it. It’ll be interesting to see how the ineligible list compares to the top 10 on sites like pvpoke. There are some Pokemon that I’m curious about; Deoxys Defense, Galarian/Alolan, and Shadow. I would assume if Deoxys Defense were ineligible the other formes would be eligible (not that anyone uses them) and if Galarian Stunfisk were ineligible, Unova Stunfisk would be eligible. But if Swampert is excluded then so is Shadow Swampert.

Retro Cup also sounds interesting. Pvpoke has a Ranking list up already. Lickitung XL is top dawg again though I didn’t see anyone use one in the Love Cup. Water types are EVERYWHERE, likely because most have Ice type moves to keep the Dragon types in check and coverage against Grass.

Too long again but very very cool! Top 10 GL pokemon gone! Sweet! Please no Tropius and DD! Those might be under used tho as not everyone has them. Lickitung XL will likely become a menace in both formats.

Wish they woulda changed up ULPC or ran something more beside it. The XLs wrecked that, but new GL sounds great!

Rewards got a bit better. Most of the stuff they added is good in GBL at least.

You think this means no new moves? Later to come?

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Glad to hear they have decided that the walking requirement to unlock battles will not be back. Honestly that’s the best part of the whole announcement.

Other then that, heck, sure keep throwing the odd different format in there, forces me to use stuff I otherwise wouldn’t. Little expensive always making GL versions of these various formats but meh, one time investment and will always have it there to use.

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Aw man i cant wait for the day to come when i can post a GBL season thread xD

I guess both will be allowed. Tropius for sure, DD might be borderline (guess rank 13 - 15or so).
Cool idea, thumbs up, also for non-steel, non-fairy!

Dragon will probably wreck almost the whole meta. No fairys or steel to wall them. Just a qn, will they allow duo types like maybe aslash?

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Don’t see a major problem. There are two major dragons in GL and one is not allowed and altaria has plenty of weaknesses due to second type. Mono type dragons are weak due to low bulk, but of course will be used - dragonite is a thing in kanto as well. Only thing could be dragonair, but it is rare anyway. Plus ice is allowed and strong anyway - no steel. And maybe we will see some shiny latios :slight_smile:
In the end this will be the meta, ice vs dragons plus versatile psychos. I can finally use my sealeo :)
Alolan sandslash will be banned, steel.

Are you actually looking at a list or just guessing where they land?

Hypno with Ice punch…easy slam dunk here. Beats up Altaria and confusion is only resisted by other psychics. I didn’t actually look at the ranks, but Lickitung and his budget friendly cousins the snorlax twins will be about the best answer to Hypno. Hey another cup where Awak is probably good! What a shocker!

First i just guessed, for the fine-tuning I later looked at the custom ranking of pvpoke (latios I wouldn’t have guessed), but without moveset overrides. Cress was on top.
Lickitung was not among the very best but only due to the known imbalance of the pvpoke custom ranking with counter users I guess. Still not so widely distributed cause it is so expensive. Awak of course good as well. Not that far away from kanto cup in the alowak/hypno core plus occasional dragons and heavy abomasnow use.

The biggest flaw I see in eliminating certain Pokémon is that people will even be less interested in playing PVP. So basicly you will end up with some people playing PVP and some (more and more) people not playing PVP. The people I talked too the last few months (not that many because of covid ofcourse) are no longer willing to invest dust into “special” PVP Pokémon.

Every new season they made changes so that investments made in the previous season are basicly no longer good for the next season… thank you for investing in a Rock Slide we will nerf it, thank you for investing in an Azumaril you will no longer be able to use it, thank you…

And you would be surprised of how many people that are not really into PVP play with the top (meta/antimeta) Pokémon, now Niantic will be taking away the core of those teams…

Azu and rock slide users still top mons, so no clue what about that. There’s always those who are deep into pvp and glad that the meta changes and there will be always those medium players who invest into azu only and are frustrated for that one or two weeks. And then there’s a ton of players who just sneak in and by chance find out that they finally have a valid mon, after not being able to push azu due to limited candy… So the cons are, imo, clearly outweighed. Plus certain mons come over and over again: azu will always be top, hypno and alowak are and were in most restricted cups. Some mons you can make valid again just by TMing. And lastly, where should all the stardust go if you are a lvl 45 player with a 6pack of everything?

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Trust you most players are not level 45 with … :wink:

Where does the comment come from rrock slide… well talk to people who used Melmetal with Rock slide and ask if they noticed the differnce? ask people who used Gira with acient power and ask if they felt the difference, and so on and so on. And the difference is not only in Pvp battles but also against the Grunts, trainer battles,…

I do understand what you are saying about the real commited players ofcourse they will welcome the changes, but if you loose to many players your player base will become smaller and smaller with the problem of finding people to match you to, longer waits and so on

I feel like you misread this the same way I did initially. The remix is a separate cup that runs along with GL. If you want to play Azu and sich you still can

Oké then something must have gone wrong in the translation in my brain… sorry for the foolish comments guys hope you can forgive

I see your argument but I don’t think that’s actually what’s going to happen. Take the Lil’ cup for example. Severely limited format but it was heavily attended/enjoyed by trainers who usually don’t do PvP. I think eliminating some of the meta 'mon will make it feel more accessible to those who didn’t invest loads of resources into certain “special PVP” Pokemon (i.e. Azu, Gunfisk, Awak, etc.). I think the only ones “turned off” will be the hardcore PvE trainers who just used meta teams in PvP to grind stardust, etc.

tl;dr - People who really like PvP will appreciate the freshness, noobs will come out of hiding because they aren’t getting wrecked by the (incredibly harsh) GL meta core.

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I read it the same way lol and then I later on I was like wait…that’s not right…that would piss everyone off pretty good lol

Yeah, that’s my biggest issue with Retro cup. Going to be Dragon and Psychic generalists, then Ice, Rock, and normal counters. I think there will be a lot of mirror-matches (Dragonite vs Altaria, Hypno vs DDeoxys, etc.) since its not quite as type-balanced. Plus there will still be the good ol’ Hypno/Awak/Lapras core from every limited cup ever. :rofl:

Level 50 Melmetal barely cares they nerfed Rock Slide when it is faced with a level 40 Kyogre, just sneak a Superpower in and catch a Surf with something else

I feel like it’s gonna be guesshypnosmoveset.league . On paper Hypno can hit any of its counters with a SE move meaning it can probably get shields from anything. In reality Hypno probably has to have Shadowball to beat the other psychics but you better believe it’s gonna be charging up to Focus Blast vs Snorlax and the like! Will you shield is the question!