GBL stardusts halved

Another zero redeeming quality move from Niantic. They fix 2 stuff and set themselves 50 steps back.

Can Niantic STOP doing shit with 0 redeeming qualities or can everyone just stop playing GBL altogether? I dunno if TPC is responsible for condoning with this shit but I won’t even be surprised if they do.

PS can confirm personally

Sometimes I am questioning why am I even engaging.

Moves like this make me wonder do people at Niantic even play the game. Gbl is not new player or non hardcore player friendly. Increased stardust, Xl rare Candy, and increased xl candy when catching the reward Pokémon should no brained for gbl rewards. It’s hard or impossible to compete in multiple leagues without massive amounts of stardust.

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Moves like this make me wonder do people at Niantic even play the game.

Missing the point. The point is that this is just a greedy intelligence front disguising as a “game development front” to see how much shit people can actually tolerate.

I’m going to be completely drained in any faith for the whole Pokemon franchise for a reason. A gut feeling, nonetheless.

I think the massive reduction in rank up requirements is a big bonus for the non-hardcore PvP players who don’t want to pay for the ETM. 80 (I think) wins vs the insane number since the increase in ranks from 10 to 20+ ranks. It’s enough to make me contemplate trying for it next season when it’s an ECTM.

Considering that the majority just want to get to rank 19 for the elite TMs I don’t think the drop in stardust is going to be much of a concern compared to the massively reduced time it takes to get to 19


Out of interest, how much dust does the average player get from GBL in a 3 month season?

I pulled in 1.5 million last season. Not sure how “average” I am as a player, but I reckon a fair enough sample for round these parts. Often do 5 sets, by no means always though, don’t peak any higher then veteran level. Relatively poor overall season for me, I’m sure Ive totalled higher in more successful seasons.

Niantic just tweeted this.

It seems the reduced amount was an error/oversight. They’re even doing compensation at the end of the season to make up for what people may have lost so far. Not everything Niantic does is out of spite or evil. Perhaps keep this in mind before you make another ranting post about how horrible this game is?


How could they go a week without noticing they nerfed GBL dust. I don’t know, I find that hard to swallow but whatever, glad it’s fixed. It is the Niantic code team, somebody slipped in “/2 always” instead of “*2 for select sessions”? Maybe lol

Glad I started late this season anyhow…

You’d be surprised how often Niantic doesn’t notice things (like when they accidentally turn off a shiny, their anti-cheating algorithm starts sending false positives for specific phone users, or an entire island’s spawns are messed up for months) until those issues get enough traction online. Luckily this issue seems to have been noticed and rectified rather quickly!

Likewise, it’s interesting how quickly they can fix some things.

The cynical side of me suspects that had the stardust been doubled instead, then it would have been “noticed” instantly.

Heh. Ya that probably gets noticed quicker huh?

Time to move on…

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You get one ETM when you rank up, and the other at the end of the season, each season has both since the seasons are now twice as long as they used to be.

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Two ETM’s? Is that new?

To be honest, even if it wasn’t I still wouldn’t have played the last couple of seasons where you needed something like 180 wins to make the ETM at Rank 19 but at 40 wins per ETM, that’s worth a few hours of boredom for me.

It was in effect since they introduced the new loooong seasons. Effectively that’s even less than before because of the seasons length.

As long as the required win numbers remain reduced, that’s absolutely fine by me. if I can hit rank 19 within the first month, great, I can ignore it again, or I don’t have to force myself to do it on days when I really would prefer to eat my own shoes than play 25 rounds of GBL.

@Squiffy thanks, gives me an idea of what I’d get pro rata vs catching/raiding etc.

Oh, definitely nothing for you, hitting rank 16 is done in a few days but after that the upping is still so slow that you would end in a serious depression ;)

Up until now I have gotten 5.4M dust since it all started in pre-season. Considering that I skipped most of Season 7 (just 135 battles), and that I have gotten to the last rank twice, I think that’s actually a lot. Sure, it did suck up a lot of it as reinvestment, but I think I overall got more than what I spent when I compare it to PvE for example.

This article has a few charts all designed around the average player.

I’ve boiled it down to roughly 100 regular catches per day every day (5.4m/18mths/30days/100dust per catch=100 catches) to equal the same amount of dust.

I still believe the most efficient dust farming method is to get 12x12k eggs simultaneously hatched and starpieced but I can see how grinding those 72 rocket stops +12 leaders could be just as boring for people as playing PvP is for me.

I don’t think, from the limited replies so far and @Sir_Gwibbles helpful chart , that one can be said to be significantly better than the other. Which I suppose is fair.