GBL ultra league help

So as you all know, it’s time for the ultra league, and I’m having trouble choosing a team. Can I please have some suggestions? Below are my viable options:

Swampert (shiny)
Giratina (both forms)
Mew (with shadow claw)

I’m leaning towards Swampert/Dragonite/Mew, and it has a pretty low threat score on PvPoke if Mew has the right moves. However, that will obviously require a lot of charge TMs.

Unfortunately, I only have the resources to use one legendary/mythical. As Swampert is a shiny, I’d really like to use it in my team. Which other 'mons should I choose, and who should I lead with?

Your team will be annihilated by Glaceon, Leafeon and Umbreon.

In my alt I play A Giratina, Swampert and Granbull

It works well against meta pokemon but struggles versus anti-meta teams… rating went up by almost 150

Still trying to decide what to use in my main myself, I just wish there was a way of trying different pokemons without affecting your rating!!


I’ve thought about a lead Dragonite. While it does lead very well against the 2 most common pokemon of all ultra league time - Swampert and Giratina-A - it gets walled by fairies, steels and Articuno and Lapras are pretty common too. It’s high risk high reward

Does your Swampert have Hydro Cannon? Otherwise it’s a pretty average pick

Blaziken rarely gets clean wins. It’s fun to use, but it usually doesn’t add a lot to the fight other than taking one down

If you are able to put 2 moves on Giratina-A, it complements Swampert very well - and Ancient power can get you wins even in matches you are supposed to lose.

Togekiss is solid, but is walled entirely by quite common Registeels, Melmetals and fire types.

Snorlax - if you run lick + body slam/superpower or eq - is a great pokemon for taking on neutral matchups and giratina/a-mewtwo

A great meta team - it wins consistently but people might be prepared for it - is swampert - giratina-A - snorlax. Your challenges would be:

Lead swampert against a lead water pokemon - you might have to bait shields with hydro cannon and destroy with eq

Shiftry after snorlax is down

A-Muk after swampert is down

Venusaur after Giratina is down

Ignore the getting destroyed by Leafeon Glaceon Umbreon comment, you are more likely to encounter a shiny Gible spawn on your house than encounter this in UL

I’m leaning toward using Charizard as a counter to Fairy to pair with Swampert and Dragonite, if Charizard and Swampert both have their CD moves.

With Dragonite/Swampert/Charizard, I’d probably use Dragonite as a lead, as it usually has positive match-up against 2 Giratina, most CD starters and Snorlax. It generally loses to Charmers, A-Muk and Steel, of which Charizard can win against all three, while Swampert barely loses to Charmers and counters the other two. I’d probably use Swampert as a safe switch, as it can become very dangerous with a bit of energy lead even in a losing match-up, and puts on much shield pressure. Dragonite can then comes in to farm what beats Swampert. Dragonite with energy lead can spam Dragon Claw or nuke with Outrage to overcome some close-losing match-up too, and Charizard can hide behind to catch Charmer and Steel later.

This combination will struggle against Gyarados in 1v1. You’ll probably need to land an Outrage from Dragonite on it or chip it down as a team effort. Articuno is also very annoying with Icy Wind debuff if you can’t catch it with Charizard. If you see a lot of Articuno lead, maybe using Charizard as a lead and Dragonite as a third could alleviate some of the issue.

Leafeon, Glaceon and Umbreon is my team.
Leafeon makes quick work of any Swamper I encountered. Then Glaceon will deal with any Dragon and Umbreon deals with Ginatina, especially when I still have shield. I don’t have any strong Pokemon for Ultra League so I have to make do with my Eevee’s evolution squadron.

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That’s so true! Fingers crossed that Niantic will introduce a feature where we can do unrated battles to test out our teams, that would be incredible.

Yep, my Swampert has Hydro Cannon. Swampert - Giratina - Snorlax does sound good, although I’m worried that I have no counter to Dragonite and Shiftry, and the only “counter” to opposing Swampert is my own, which can be troublesome.

I’m considering using Dragonite as a lead, I might test it out sometime!

That team sounds so appealing since I won’t have to use any RC, but yeah, Gyarados will be a problem. It also has no counter to Cresselia, which can be quite annoying.

I’ll probably use it as a budget team until I decide on which legendary to add, thanks!

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If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t encountered a single Dragonite in UL so far

Me too, but never seen , even in preseason Articuno in GBL and in this season any Lapras also. Registeel also non exist in Ultra. Melmetal seen just once in Ultra, more often in Great League

Togekiss, Swampert, Giratina-A is probably the best and most balanced team you can make. You can potentially replace one of them with Charizard or Snorlax, but the other options are strictly worse.