Gem drop rate for mountain in summer re-run

I’m in desperate need of Secret Rider Gems and the 1/2 AP dailies didn’t come close to getting me there. There are no drop-rates listed for gems on the site for any of the mountain quests, so I’m wondering if anyone has them from somewhere else?

Basically I’m not sure if it’s too low to bother with or decent enough that I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone by farming the mountain when it becomes available.

Chart in here says you are capping at 20% drop rate on the max difficulty.

Those Drop Rates are from last year and are incorrect. You can see that from the Saber Gem listing even though Saber Gems no longer drop there. In addition, some gem drops just plain don’t drop there anymore.

I’m sorry, but we simply don’t know. Expect them to be between 20-30%, but that’s more of a ballpark guess. The JP server did not track drops for this rerun, so that’s why we haven’t uploaded anything.

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My b. Just saw the chart and know dude is usually reliable enough. Maybe it says it in the guide somewhere Idk I’m not gonna do anything but skim it myself.

Well, it would’ve been caught if the data was checked at least with some videos. I just hope nobody will start farming certain nodes for gem types that don’t actually drop there anymore.

Right. I’m glad you caught it. As a guy who goes all out when circumstances are right/good enough I don’t want to be out here misleading people trying to do the same.

Maybe it even got corrected/mentioned on reddit where those guides kinda circulate. I don’t spend much time over there.

Thanks! Hope we get some data soon, as I’m going to start farming the event a bit later given the current 1/2 AP daily and 3x success.

If it helps, we have the amazing Atlas Academy people gathering drop data --> But this isn’t a very invested event in terms of data gathering because we have that datamine from last year.

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