Gem Farming

As far as i have understood, farming for gold gems is a task that is very impossible for many. But today is friday, and that means I get to farm Caster Gems. According to the APD, Gold Caster gems have the lowest APD out of any Gold gems which is really convenient. in the last two hours I’ve gotten around to getting Mozart to 9/1/9 and Casgil to 5/10/10. I have been spending apples like crazy because I want to raise my arts supports (for those who remember a thread about saving my Shiki, yeah I’m doing it)

I was just wondering if the hunting quests / nero fest / gilfest offer better drops on the gems. Considering I didn’t start playing around the first 2 hunting quests and did not realize the importance of the hunting quests and nero fest, please enlighten me on how good they are with respect to mats farming and share your success with farming if you do remember it, and help me prepare.

Never farm dailies that hard. Lottery events (christmas etc.) will give you tons of that stuff for the same ap amount

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Well, Nerofest/Gilfest isn’t about farming gems (tho they do drop from time to time afair). It’s having them in a lotto along with other mats what makes lotto events so appealing. You have one gold of each class in a lotto box. You open 50 boxes - you get 50 gold gems of every class. So you farm currency to roll the lotto and get goodies. 300 items in each lotto box, 2 currency items for 1 lotto item, 600 currency items to clear one lotto box. One run of a pure lotto currency node without CEs gives you around 50 lotto currency for 40AP. I’d say lottos are the best investment when it comes to bronze mats and gems of every colour, and let’s not forget QP, FP, and exp.


Ouch! That’s a fat F from me.
Please stop this madness right away. Like the others said, lotteries are a much, much better investment for your apples.
Given, we’ll still get an amount worth ~ 150 Golden Apples till GilFest. Still, the more you can save, the better.
I know, it’s still a few months until GilFest drops, but please be patient until then. It’s definitely worth it.


Hunting Quests usually have great drop rates. At the very least, I don’t remember there ever being a hunting quest that had bad drop rates. If you’re in dire need of the mats on offer during those, it’s not an entirely bad idea to spend some apples.

Lottos on the other hand are essentially an unlimited amount of mats, limited only by time, apples (including rainbow apples for some people), and sanity. The mats on offer depends on the event, but gems are always present as well as QP. So it’s never a bad idea to use as many apples as possible during lotteries. Especially if you need the mats in the boxes.


IF it is caster and IF you’re impatient to skill up and IF you have apples to spare, go ahead.

Yes there are better ways to get gold gems, but not in a timely fashion. Lotteries are the best use for apples, but they are still a long way off. Half off training grounds is okay, but still only for casters really.

And I’m guilty of using apples primarily for a little bond farming for the sq to roll on banners now and then, but I’ve got more apples than I’ve ever used in a lottery already, so indulging now and then is fine.

I have plenty of apples, so I was farming gold caster gems a bit, partially hoping to get a void dust drop at the same time, but I remain 1 dust short on the skill I want to level, perhaps I’ll just go to a proper void dust farming location to get that sorted.

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No but the gems are actually what we want tho :crazy_face:

I’m going to say something very unpopular and it’s this: If you’re a relatively new player, DON’T save all your apples just for lotto events, and if you want to spend some apples to speed up something right now, do it.

Yes, I agree that lotto’s are the absolutely best value you can get out of your apples. However, there is one thing almost all veterans forget about when telling newbies to hoard all their apples and farm hundreds of boxes during lotto’s: burnout is a VERY real thing. And farming the same one node again and again for hundreds and even thousands of times, especially after months of just nat AP and the occasional level up, is a sure fire way to get burned, if you’re not already used to it.

So my advice is this: go ahead and use apples from time to time to farm just one node repeatedly ( maybe for gems, maybe for a mat to level a skill you really want. Hell maybe even for QP or ember farming to level up a new servant you really like). It will help you develop some resistance to the mind numbing repetitive farming of a single node that is a lottery event.


This. I actually completely skipped the Nerofest rerun wholesale because I was new enough not to know about lotteries and I was so completely burned out. Looking back there’s a part of me that wishes I was in a place to take advantage – but I also know that, at the time, I absolutely wasn’t. If I’d tried, it wouldn’t have ended well.

When you’re new and don’t know how to handle events in an efficient manner, using apples for regular farming is sometimes the only way you can get your units up to snuff without waiting around for events that happen about twice a year – especially if you need to get them up to snuff just to farm the event with any efficiency to begin with!

Let’s be honest, we get so many apples that lottery events don’t tend to make a dent in them unless you’re fortunate enough to a) have a solid enough roster to minmax farming; b) are able to use an automated farming app to do it for you. The first lottery I did participate in, I had oodles of apples left over, and this was while using apples for regular farming, simply because I couldn’t open that many boxes comparative to the amount of apples I had – even though I was going pretty hard at the event (no automation).

As long as OP can stand farming, I say use the apples. Is it the most efficient route, node for node, AP for AP? No. But it’ll sure get you there faster than waiting another couple of months for the lottery to drop, and it lets you acclimatise to farming and refine your farming teams to boot.

Plus, sometimes you just wanna play. Waiting around for an event that’s still two months away isn’t helpful when you want to engage in strategy and Servant-raising now. That makes the apples well worth it, in my eyes.

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The hell are you talking about? What everyone wants are clearly the FPs so they can pull a mango. :fgo_insane:


EXACTLY ! People say wait, but how the hell do I level the farmers if I wait?

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To be fair, the only thing you absolutely have to level right away on farmers is NP battery. Skills scale, and the first four levels are essentially free (unless you’re starting out and/or are out of blue gems), so you can get by with 4/4/4 if you have to. You might miss some damage thresholds, but using an extra turn on face cards to finish up isn’t the end of the world.

I’d agree and say there isn’t any real urgency to farm gold gems; I’ve never done it on any of my three accounts and usually just hold out for events. My rosters are pretty limited, which puts a cap on my gem requirements, but you don’t really need an expansive roster to farm either.

Oh please, we want everything, and more, and some extra, and a pill to fight greed :fgo_insane: :fgo_pancakeslmao: