Gen 1 Rescue Mission: How do we make old units viable?

For a while now, I’ve been wondering what could be done to save older units, from the first half of Books. I’ve considered second refines, as most of their current ones don’t hold a candle to anything at all, more stats through either more dragonflowers or level cap raise, or even the ability to allow two units from early Books to pair up offensively, to combat duos. Any one of these on their own can be op, but as we’ve already seen, powercreep’s long been the name of the game. I think these old units on which the game was built deserve their next step forward. Does anyone else have ideas through which we can rescue the real OGs?


Every month, I think they should, like with refines, make changes to old units’s BST to make them on par with modern standards; second refines for some should also become a thing, since some weapons, like the Fujin Yumi (the classic example), weren’t particularly strong even when they were first refined.


It was mentioned in another thread, but I would like for older units to be able to “forge” seals into their prf weapons, based on when their refine was.

Ver. 2.0 to 2.11 get to forge 2 seals, ver. 3.0 to 3.11 gets to forge 1 seal, ver. 4.0 to 5.11 get no seals. The seals increase with X.0 versions every year, like dragon flowers.

I know this screws 4* healers and all dancers (+ rein/olwen/OGHector/Ophilia/Surtr), but it’s a compromise I’m willing to make. Rerefines would take too long to roll, while seals offer some flexibility in the builds and are constantly updated.


Supposedly the dragonflowers are IS’s solution to helping old units but we all know how little they actually help. If they wanted to do something, a blanket BST boost is the optimal way. They obviously wouldn’t boost them up to match the new units we’re supposed to be spending orbs/money for but when launch armours are outdone by modern ranged cavalry, something needs to be done.

Alternatively, they could increase the merge cap for old units. That seems more likely as IS don’t like giving us stuff for free and we’d still need to spend resources on merges. Hopefully a mass demote would also come as I’m sure no one wants to have to go back to summoning for another 10 copies of those old units who have been stuck forever at 5 star.

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with that. Even if they were generous and gave us 6 rerefine with the mid-month update, it would take 15 months to do just the launch units. I like the seal forge idea, opens up greater customisation which is always good.


It’s very clear that a unit’s value is 100% dependent of their PRF and an optimized statline.

Most Gen 1 / 2 just can’t compete anymore no matter how many DFs you feed them (Specially F2P units)


I love the seal forge idea. It makes much more sense than +1 to every stat every year, which does nearly nothing at this point. And it’s not like seals are broken or anything. Nothing compared to the crap that’s released nowadays.

Now we just need NFU as a seal. :star_struck:


just let me skin over new units with my faves :fgo_sthenosmug:


For one grant them all resplendent stats (for free), they are already overshadowed that waiting forever for the ones you personally want the stat boost on is rather absurd. The new art is nice (usually), but the real “value” in Feh Pass has always been the QOL features, but they way they handle resplendent’s seems like it does more harm than good to the subscription these days.

Perhaps asking for a true re-refine is a bit much, but perhaps a simple boost to bring it more up to speed isn’t uncalled for (like Gaius’ 10% Spd when everyone else gets 15% just seems like a punch in the throat), or perhaps allowing the Gen 1 prfs to be refined a second time to grant a singular stat boost as well as the effect - or 2 stat boosts if you desire. Not a great “compromise”, but its better than nothing and definitely wouldn’t be overpowered.


I’m curious what you guys think of the offensive pair up idea. The current legendary unit pair up system is pretty much useless, but what if units from early books could join together, awakening style, and both fight in combat? Maybe a second gauge for a charge like in fates?

I’m thinking settings wise, you could have offensive and defensive positions which you determine in team setup, then two units could attack together or the one in the back could defensively cover the lead unit, sort of like savior. I’m not sure whether there should be a gauge or not, but both units could attack in the same combat. Maybe when initiating they could both attack, and when defending the back unit could be the savior?

I think if this was limited to really early units, like books 1-2, then it wouldn’t be overpowered at all. A small Stat boost when you pair up, and a true implementation of the system would be really beneficial. Plus, to combat being initiated by a paired unit, Deflect seals would see more use.

This way you could combine different weapon effects from inheritables, raising their value-- all without the obnoxious power of using prfs.

The most important thing by far is having a good PRF.

Being able to give them more dragonflowers will not fix the issue, as the newer units will still have higher stats at maximum investment, not to mention every DF cap increase also benefis the newer units, not just the Gen 1s.

One thing they could do with stats is to give some of the older units more superboons, it’d at the very least provide some more value if you were to ascend their traits and it’d ever so slightly fix the issue of stats.

Some of the refines, especially the ones that were the earliest to be released do not hold up well at all and in some cases you’re just better off sticking with some of the new inheritable weapons and at that point the newer heros will easily outperform the older ones. And that is talking about the new heroes that have no PRFs.

Re-refines would be a great solution, making the weapons more viable with more ‘modern’ effects would be a start, but the batches of re-refines would have to include a large amount of gen 1 heroes, unlike the regular updates. And by the gods give refines to ALL the gen 1 healers, it’s about time they got those.

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Personally don’t like that idea and I think a lot of people wouldn’t. People who already spent a lot merging their old favorites would probably be annoyed if they had to merge them even more now.


I mean, not entirely… I get by just fine without using a units Prf…

It’s mostly that part that truly matters


I find it funny that people complain when units get 5+ effects on a weapon, but then also complain when a weapon refine only has a total of 2 effects on it…

Then their’s me just

As long as you have a good enough build (or support) even a Gen 1 unit can deal with cancer units


Loving them has good results.


Altho tbh they need +10 to all stats. And yes that’s still after df so technically +25.

So lets look at rein.

Hes shit.

His stats with resplendent with flowers are.





What he needs to be visually to compete





Now he looks like a treat dont he. Why? Because reins stat line is beutiful. It just needs bst.

Let’s do the same but to an accually shit unit. Jackob.





Now lets just… Add 10 more





Scary huh.

Why +10.

Because modern units are scarier.

This is a +10 thor

And no im not including stats thier wepons give or effects . I think we need several more flowers for the lower tier. I don’t need gen 1 to score well. But i want them to kill shit. At least low bst gen1 deserve +10 to all stats. Just the low bst ones. Hehgegehe

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Oboro agrees to this message

Screenshot_20220814-032038_Fire Emblem Heroes

With DF cap increasing soon she’d even hit that sweet 69 Hp too


I didn’t say it was a good idea, just a likely idea from IS. A free, game leveling update just doesn’t sound plausible from them. They’ll make it cost something.

It is probably less objectionable to me because I’m always bouncing off the feather cap so 200,000 feathers for another +10 on my older units isn’t a big deal. I’d much prefer that than doing new +10 featherburn projects. But I do see many bemoaning their lack of feathers so I get it would be unpopular for them.


Giving them access to another seal, being able to select the stats for DF with so,e kind of limit, increase their level cap… They will never scored optimally but at least they could do something on pvp modes.

Give Book 1-2 all +3 to all stats and allow a second sacred seal.

Job done, since Book 3 are getting the good refines.