Genealogy has made me sadder than any other FE

And I’m only at the end of the first gen.

Spoilers for Genealogy if you haven played or seen it but...

I mean I knew this part was coming, I knew how Quan died but like… I didn’t know Ethlyn was also a part of this part. And they got Altena which explains how she grows up in Thracia. Just… Idk. This part is making me really sad cause I actually really liked Quan and Ethlyn. I didn’t think I’d be feeling for them as much as I am right now… :feh_sharenacry:

Not only that, but I’m feeling more for Sigurd than I thought I would too. This man had everything he’s known and loved thrown away because the world thinks he’s the enemy. All of that, and I know how this chapter is going to end for him. This whole situation just sucks for him, he’s like Romeo from Romeo and Juliet but you friggin feel all the shit he goes through. And I like Romeo and Juliet. That, with all of the characters who’ve died and stuff… Just damn. Genealogy is not afraid to kill off characters will no remorse. Honestly, I said I wasn’t too impressed at first but… Genealogy is making it’s way up my FE tier ranks. It’s really good, even if it’s dated and even if I hate some of it’s gameplay flaws. It’s really good, from a story and character perspective.


Didn’t you do Altena’s forging bonds? I never played Geneology, but I learned about it in forging bonds.


Kaga was probably depressed when he made Genealogy.


That or going through an edgy streak

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I did but I didn’t pay them much attention. Mostly cause it actually had to do with Jugdral’s story so I didn’t want to explicitly spoil myself

Sigurd’s reaction to the news of Quan and Ethlyn had me feeling some type of way irl

It was sad af


I just got there myself, I feel empty and devoid of emotions

The reason why it’s my 2nd favorite fe game till this day and played it years ago :clap:

i have just finished thraccia and havent played genealogy yet but i will look foward to it, thraccia its one of the best fire emblem games, has great story but i felt like it was a side story of the main genealogy one.

Shoot, I gotta find me an emulator then

Best game in the series. Most deserving of a remake by far considering a lot had to rely on a fan translation

Of course,it’s the best game of the series shield

It striked me hard,to the point where it was one of the two games I cried,maked me discover my favorite lord in the series,maked me get into older fire emblems (hack roms bless ya)

A great game that truly deserves a Remake