Genealogy of the Holy War Super, Second Season

It’s been time since we had Super Sigurd God Super Sigurd, and we were able to bask in it’s magnificience, thanks to Sir_Of_Coffee.

I posted my Majin Sigurd, and others posted other variations of the Legendary Super Sigurd. I was so flabbergasted that I could not stop there, and decided to train below some random waterfall, which probably had some bio-hazard components in it’s waters, but I decided not to waver, all to reach a power that rivals UI.

So, here I present, the ultimate villain:

Not as magnificent as training with Lord Mr.Satan, but his Ash Breathing Technique, 11th Form has been developed.

I have not attained the ultimate state, for evil does not die, just evolves.


doesnt even have the Majin Brand or UI aura smh my head
looking dope tho


Training under a tainted waterfall is fine.

I’m led to believe radiation gives you super powers anyway.