General Advice on Illya

I got her right now after a yolo roll and a rainbow to boot and going over her skills and GP review she seems to be a one-time nuker with an upgraded NP.

Is there anything more to her kit or other ways of using her?
I have most of the major supports except merlin and tamamo.

Not much to say, really. She’s pretty straightforward: she nukes one thing really hard. Use her to delete an Assassin boss. She’s not really suited to anything else.
I mean, you can build a team around recharging her NP and cleansing her debuffs so she can use it effectively again, but that’s generally more trouble than it’s worth.
Illya is a pretty mediocre character, mechanically. Unless you really like her, you’re probably better off investing elsewhere.


Yeah I thought so , she won’t probably be used to even nuke assassin bosses when jaltzerker and DSS atlante alter exist.

But man do casters love me in this game, she is my 4th SSR in that class while I barely have 1 for the other classes

Well, considering the best servants in the game tend to be Casters, that’s not a terrible problem to have!


Just remember that it could have been worse. You could have no SSRs at all. :fgo_gudako:

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Oof :neutral_face:

I think she out damages Jaltzerker with class advantage since she has two buster ups. She can’t buster chain tho which sucks. She’s still decent at what she does. But I got Xuanzang recently, and since then I have been using her more often than Illya.

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Xuanzang is pretty good though with that fat battery and np gen buff, illya is completely one dimensional


Illya has high NP damage for sure, but as others mentioned, she has little else in the way of advantages.

Her hard defense and healing are nice to have, including the chance at Guts, but if not nuking one-and-done, you’re often wanting to activate her s2 for a slight NP gain boost and her s3 to stave off the demerit from her NP.

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Well having more tools never hurt anyone :D


she has 3 arts cards and pretty good NP gain. with an NPAA brave chain she can get her NP back up pretty cleanly. just make sure to provide her some stars for the extra refund from crits. you won’t be using her to farm but she can fire off her NP more often than it looks if you’re using her with some thought

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Thanks for this :smile:

If you stack her s2 with the buff from her NP, her Arts cards become very good, yes. It’s just generally not worth the trouble to try to bring out her full potential, unfortunately,

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I won’t lie when I’m saying this
Illya is not the best servant around. Although she is good for nuking and LONG CQs that happen to have only assassins, her natural NP gain is below average and it is only brought to average using her 2nd skill and her upgraded NP’s effects. The ATK and DEF debuff after every NP becomes debilitating on the long run but you won’t be filling gauges to 100 in 2 turns unless you invest in very high NP gain setups.
She has very high HP and can survive for a long time on the field.
This is coming from a master who has a lvl 100, 2k fou skill maxed Illya, because I love her so much I would never regret it. Yes I have grailed Jalter Berserker too and I kinda use her more but I use Illya when I can and she does not dissapoint.
Assuming you have a waver, you can use him for NP gauge support and general support and make Illya work. A Merlin always helps with the NP damage and the NP gain with Garden of Avalon, but having a waver opens a more instant NP playstyle while Merlin helps with sustained playstyles. Field her when you can and she can help your Chaldea. Take care of her :fgo_illya:


As someone who uses her a lot, what do you think about fielding her with Miyu? They’ll both have Advantage versus the Assassins and Miyu would also help with Illya’s charge, plus of course she has the buff improvement that can patch Illya’s buff chance. And if Illya happens to have Skill 3 free when Miyu’s about to fire off her NP, Illya patches Miyu’s demerit, too! I feel like they’re obviously made to work with with each other precisely, or at least Miyu is designed to work with Illya, which is natural considering the source material.

Certainly using Illya isn’t too complicated. Though she’s fine at what she’s there for. Hit one enemy really hard, survive until her NP is charged back up, and then hit them again. One more burst damage servant among many that are the same in that respect. Only really one thing she’s suited for, but she’s got the kit and noble phantasm for it. If you have others for that kind of role then nothing too much to say for her, but that’s the case for almost any servant. There are multiple options to deal with any given problem.

Luckily isn’t too hard to make her work or even to deal with the demerits on her NP. All the more so now with command codes and an ever increasing roster of helpful servants to throw out there with her. Not going to spam her NP easily, but that’s fine since it’s not how she’s set up to work anyways.

On the Miyu topic, yeah there’s a solid and expected benefit there. Ideally of course you’d want to use Illya’s skill on herself to avoid NP demerits, but there is the option to bolster Miyu if she’s low on health. In general though it’s a solid pair. Illya needs to get her NP charged to do her damage so that’s fine and more stars can mean more arts crits which helps towards that also. And considering Illya is there to hit, survive, and hit again, keeping her health up is beneficial. But of course there’s a lot of solid options with Illya to keep her alive, hitting harder, and dealing with Assassins. Miyu just adds one more piece to the pile.

Miyu is kind of a bad support for a niche Servant in this case.

Guaranteeing Illya’s s3 is almost never as good as simply providing real steroids.

Merlin provides a little less individual NP charge but is otherwise far superior, especially considering that Miyu wants a Merlin anyway to help her survive the demerit from NPing repeatedly (if she’s not NPing, why is she there?).

an option for dealing with Illya’s debuffs while providing other useful support is Asclepius, who should show up on NA in June, his kit supplies a lot of things while being relatively cheaply obtainable since he’s a 3 star, though his story locked status makes np5 a pain. Pair him with a support Merlin and I think you’d have an okay Illya team. Not perfect or anything, but it would work relatively well for its cost.

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NP1 Illya does less damage than Oni Cure and NP damage is supposed to be Illya’s strong point. Not much reason to use Illya over Shuten unless the debuff clear is relevant in a fight.