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I apologise if I’m making a dupe topic. I did a quick search and didn’t see anything, but I definitely have my moments so I wouldn’t put anything past me :thinking:

How is everyone enjoying the Amazones event? I have to say, as a part-time majestic sea-creature I’m really enjoying myself. I get to use characters that normally wouldn’t see the light of day and I’ve discovered new characters I’d not normally look twice at, but now want to level (Hi Penth and Bedi). It’s even been the encouragement I need to stop burning random 4 stars I’d said I’d never use, because numbers in this event is obviously better than not having them. It’s also helped me rediscover love I had for servants that didn’t get used as much as my roster expanded.

Would love to hear others’ stories!


The Amazones Strategy thread became the general Amazones thread.

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