General FEH RP (It's fun!) 🙂

I… have appeared in some awakened world full of the cowardly living . Those who challenge me will fall…
I’ve seen the Nifl siblings and punny Askr wondering around in Hel. Why would such fools dare to place their disgrace upon my lands… The place of ruin and despair is no place for the living…
I will find them…
And kill them…
Only in a matter of nine days…

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If you had a pair, it would take you less than nine days. And furthermore why nine? Nine is like… The lamest number. >.>

Then when is the best time I can reach out to you… with my Scythe.


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You can’t kill me… Cuz I been dead for years!

Then why aren’t I able to control you in Hel?

Do your worst.
Surtr will defeat you anyway.

It's already written in the Book of Prophecies:

The Prophecy


I mean, he’s already dead.

Because you’re forgetting Tobin and I are one in the same. Tobin has dummy strength and it’s hel-la hard to control.

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The meta disagrees with you.


Are you mocking me…?! This Tobin… is weak. None can override in power… unless that’s me.

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I know… Insert evil laughter

Hello Hel
What the Hel? Stops breathing Helium!
I’m leaving this thread with my Helicopter
I hope this reply was Helpful


…I’m being mocked by the living… can I die now?


Oh wait. I can’t die… this is depressing.

Imagine being the most overrated OG character in the game.


I’m am that embodiment.

Wait overrated? No, I posses strength.

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