General fgo milestones/achievements thread

didn’t see anything like this here, so here’s a thread to show off whatever you’ve accomplished that you feel like sharing that doesn’t fall into like the usual rolling threads or whatever

things such as game progress, maxing out a new servant, or whatever else you want to brag about showcase

and I guess, starting off with what I managed to wrap up on with the onigashima revival event

also, I see no reason why showcasing jp only stuff too shouldn’t be a problem. so long as major things (such as notable story battles or etc) are spoiler tagged for respect to na players not completely in the loop. though if needed, I suppose a seperate jp thread could be made


Well I have a couple of things happened, good ones and salty ones

But this is a bit long :laughing:


Including mystic code

  • Max Memories of the far side of the moon
    -Level 3 mages association uniform

Only start levelling bond in this event, from 1 to 6

Getting plenty of pages

Plenty of salt, 1 short to MLB 2nd Holden sumo

Mama came home and MLB dumplings over flowers

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oh, nice

I actually got my angra up another bond lv to 7 this event, plus a handful of others leveled up past bond 5 too

didn’t think to cap though, since I usually just showcase when they hit bond 10

and my atlas academy uniform is now lv5

also yeah, my master level up happened during the event as well lol (they always seem to happen during events now for me. nice for currency farming and such)

Yea, I only start levelling Angra’s bond in this event as I didn’t pay too much attention to him until I read in one of the post that you need his max bond to do interlude

My atlas mystic code still level 5 too, like to get level 6, but the mage assoc mystic is better for farming, so I start levlling that in this event.

oh yeah, my mage’s association uniform is basically glued to my non-doors dailies/general post-okeanos farming team. since I kinda usually need that extra 20% charge, due to no kaleido yet (is lv7 atm)

started mainly just focusing on atlas academy uniform after sidelining it for so long though, just because the plugsuit is like ~800k to hitting lv10 and some future lotto farming will almost certainly finish that off. especially given they’re like the only times where speedy 3-turning is recommended, in order to maximize on lotto benefits in the limited time you have. elsewhere is more just an added benefit. though I’ve still been able to clear at a decent pace, if not 3-turns

also, side note: this event gave me a newfound appreciation for nito’s insta np ability (well more like 90% right now for me, but lol waver) without needing a charge ce equipped, so I can be more flexible on event ce bonuses. gonna have to get her up to lv80 at some point just to edge out that damage some more for the more usual events that don’t give free damage boosts

Finally obtained my first bond 10 CE, only took about 3 or so years to get around to that (forget when exactly Kintoki’s bond 10 update was released). Main reason was because I wanted his bond 10 CE before anyone else’s, and Skadi was catching up.

Then, less than a week later, they announce some nice QoL improvements for bond 10 CEs, and that’s good.

ah, the gold old “jp originally capping new servants at bond 5”? so glad na never had to deal with that, and that it was eventually dropped except for mash still not being good enough for bond 6+. sounded painful as hell

wait, what? are they finally getting actual stats to make them worth the investment time or something?


QoLs: Make bond CE can’t be burned/used as exp | Smart sort upgrade to make selected servant show first. | CE exp card filter | Also for those who sold/use bond CE as exp, it seems they are going to return it? | Also apparently bond CE not counting against storage limit

oh, well that’ll be nice for the people I’ve seen that accidentally burned their bond ces

also, I take it the storage limit exception counts for second archive storage too?

and wow, ce exp cards weren’t already included with the more recent improved (more like actual, current ones in na are a joke) ce filters jp got? well that’s a solid addition too

A “soft” goal I set on myself was to obtain my own copies of “essential” support servants, and with my recent acquisition of Tamamo during the Oni banner, Waver from the New Years GSSR, and Merlin from… Babylon (?), I have the big three. The next must-have is Skadi, but I have a year to save for that.

I’d like to get a good Quick support in the interim. I’ve recently leveled Alexander and I do have Atalante (but not fully leveled), so I’ll have to give those a try. I was thinking of Helena for the free SR, but from comments in that thread, I might actually go for Wu instead. I also had been thinking about CasGil, but he might be rather redundant since I’d probably want to pair Tamamo with Waver, unless CasGil is OK as the DPS of a caster-only team…

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About QoL upgrades: I have a bookmark to this doc which I really like:

However, it seems like that author may not be keeping it up to date. I think it would a great resource if Gamepress were to take over a page like this (maybe just JP and NA, unless you have contacts in the other countries).

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If they ever boost the actual stats for bond CE, I can instantly see the power scaling for Herc :rofl:

I don’t follow information for servers other than JP and NA, so can’t provide anything there. Could bring it up with the others if this is something we can add in the foreseeable future or not.

Not really. The problem with Herk’s bond CE is that it doesn’t improve his damage in any way, so adding extra stats wouldn’t address that.

yeah, tbh I could see most bond ces being fine with getting like a +1.5k or 2k for each stat, but herc is quite the oddity there

I mean granted he already kinda is to begin with. small shame, since there’s plenty of decent bond ces even among the more trash ones, but it somewhat feels like all get compared to his utterly bonkers bond ce effect

Yeah, I wasn’t thinking of you taking over editing the sheet, but rather starting a new page here, probably just covering JP and NA

if someone actually does make something like that for gamepress, can we also have something for na qol updates telling us how long after jp it took to get the stuff as well as how much earlier compared to jp it was?

not so much neccesary info, but one I would be interested in seeing the data for. especially since with enough info, we could maybe start estimating thresholds for later qol updates

I find it poetic that Kintoki reached Bond 10 on the Onigashima Rerun (would have been sooner but I tend to randomize who I bring in the Backline for bond point farming.

Then, first fight of Agartha, Ibaraki gets her Bond CE. Didn’t want to spend an apple just to get it to happen during Onigashima tail end.

Edit: On that note, time to get some bonus Bond Points for the lovely ladies of Chaldea. :fgo_buster:


one of my goals achieved : bring bedi to 90 :fgo_umu:
It always satisfying when seein’ him smiling. :fgo_umu:

Also today’s level up.


During onigashima I got emiya and kojirou to bond 10, with cu only ~20k away. Also maxed the sailor uniform mystic code (really enjoyed that extra drain during oni bullying) so only swimsuit, atlas, and the one with 20% gain to left to level. Didn’t quite reach the 135 master level, just ~1mil to go.

And most importantly I got my first real support servant to finally heed my call :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: hopefully Argatha will drop enough seeds with all these boars and Amazonians to max level tama-chans drain so that the ones in the summer shop can cover her defense.

It’ll be like the umpteenth time I show this off / talk about it, but my biggest achievement was getting Enkidu to Bond 10:

Enkidu is really dear to me because it’s thanks to him that I’m here, playing this game. He’s the one that got me interested enough to get back to playing. As soon as I saw him and learnt how the game worked, I knew I had to get him. And get him to lvl 100. And 10/10/10 (on my way). And bond 10… When the new game setting that lets you reach Bond 15 for Servants, I am 100% going to get him to Bond 15, even if it costs me years. Wish I had him in JP too… maybe one day?
So yeah, Enkidu’s bond 10 is the greatest achievement for me. It took me 6 months, but worth it.

I guess I also have other smaller achievements, like when I max-ascended my Cú. Considering I was sooo short on Octuplet Crystals, and Cú needed them, maxing one of my favourite F/SN characters was a small but sweet accomplishment back then.

Same for getting Diarmuid max-ascended. I have to admit I haven’t used him that much, despite being my favourite in Fate/Zero, but I had to level him up because he’s big husbando. At least just to show off my love for him. So, another good achievement.

On the same topic as mats, back during Guda Guda Meiji event and CCC, I spent most of the time (when finished with the main event) farming for Crystals, and thanks to Event shops, I managed to get my Octuplet Crystals up to 100. That’s a really good achievement, since I’ve always been lacking on Crystals ever since I started playing, because most of my favourite Servants need them to level them up.