General fgo milestones/achievements thread

I’ve completed all currently released Interludes/ rank up quests for the servants that I have, that has taken a lot of time and investment into some characters I’ll never use :fgo_rinlaugh:

Once I level arjuna, i’ll be back at all gold servants max level! Until gssr and summer comes…

Farmed 1 QP.
Farmed 2 QP.
Farmed 5 QP.
Farmed 10 QP
Farmed 25 QP
Farmed 50 QP
Farmed 100 QP.
Farmed 1000 QP.
Farmed 10000 QP
Farmed 1million QP
Farmed 5million QP
Farmed 10million QP
Farmed 100million QP
Farmed 1billion QP

Next goal:
Farm 5billion QP


Finally got nero bride’s skills to level 10 and am close to maxing out my vlad’s skills too. After that, maybe I can finally get around to build my shuten in about a year and a half

do you actually keep a tally of this?

Doesn’t everyone? :thinking:
You ppl are soooo QP-unobsessed…

I’m too exhausted to bother, though I know I’ve used a lot

“Why don’t you marry QP then? hehehe”

/12 YO mode off.

Maxed both atlas academy uniform and chaldea combat uniform, phew… now for the last one with huge exp requirement - mages association uniform and then for all the card type buff mystic codes.

Just recently got my third servant to level 100. I have Artoria, Mordred and now Bedivere. I am broke QP wise and grail wise but oh was it worth it. I’m also about to get my second and third bond ten CE with Mordred and Mysterious Heroine X. My first one was Artoria, I’m also getting closer to completing a “set”. I’m trying to round up (ha!) all the Knights of the Round Table. Just missing Tristan and Gawain (and I want to throw Merlin in just for the hell of it). I got Saber Lancelot and Lancer Artoria in the same roll not too long ago (was going for husbando Gawain but…), and ngl, he’s so nice to have, single target sabers are fun, though I wish I had gotten him a lot sooner lol


So this is an achievement in my case ,since she is the first ssr i’ve maxed and i mist admit it took me way longer than expected(raikou didn’t help)anyway here she is ,fyi:i’ll update this post in a few days once i get her to lvl 100

and i’m back to QP hell


Bond lv 10 please :fgo_buster:


yeah i’m working on that,i always put her in practically every mission but since i don’t have lunchtime ,it is still taking more time than expected ,but i will get her there
One day she will become a bond 15

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Update, Bedi is now 10/10/10! Mordred and MHX are less than 50k away from getting bond ten!


I put all my progress so far into this album, that way I’m not making a huge single post.

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Ok, this felt so good. Got both at the same time!!


Now, you can rest in my bedroom Lily-chan :fgo_dshy:


Here’s my latest milestone.


I downloaded the game