General opinion on Hijikata?

I’ve got some ideas but…
I’m trying to kinda guage the overal opinion about him, especially gameplay.
Cuz I see a lot of difference answers from ‘Worst SSR Berserker’ to the high tier placement here on GP.

So I want to ask, what’s the opinion here.
Be it him overal, or what he can do with optimal support.

He is a high risk high reward zerk, he can make numbers that make Jalter cry, but still been a double edged sword because Hijikata can easily die by accident

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He can deal tons of damage but why use him when someone else can do its job without the risk?

Extremely high damage ceiling, the advent of Chen Gong is also a strong indirect buff to him. A common point man for people who like memeing CQs.

Not my first recommendation if you just want to do CQs normally though.


Probably because it’s fun living on the edge.


No pain no gain

It largely depends on what other servants and CEs you have access to. If you use him like most other berserkers, hes not going to match their damage output. On the other hand, if you have ways to give him guts and provide plenty of stars he’s an absolute monster. His NP hits extremely hard at low health even at NP1, and his crit buff is comparable to or even better than JAlter’s as long as it’s used around half health or lower.

Servants like Irisviel, Summer Umu, and even Paracelsus work wonders for keeping him around to try and take advantage of his gimmick, but even with guts he still might explode before pulling off his amazing damage potential if the enemy attacks line up wrong. I haven’t played around with it yet but predictive evasion on the arctic uniform should be a good thing for giving him some extra padding, and his bond CE starts him off with guts and a NP damage buff.

I think he’s a fun servant to use, but trying to force his gimmick to work without the right team comp would be pretty difficult. Even with everything he needs, don’t expect him to stick around for more than 1-3 turns once guts procs and he gets his NP and/or crits off.

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That’s the sense I get too. He works… If done right.
I even think Paracelsus might not work that well due to giving him nothing else besides the guts/np gain

I do have summer Umu myself, and it really is an obvious pick (with 2030 most likely)
Ofc general supports like Helena, Waver and Merlin work too I beleive (Merlin works against the low hp strat, but might be best to keep angry boi alive)
Chen Gong in the future

A weird option I thought of is Vlad (Extra). Same deck, passive star gen, but above all a 3 turn taunt. The Taunt is one turn. Not as good as I remembered but still quite solid

Paracelsus would be less useful than the others, that’s true. I didn’t even think about Vlad. I might have to try that out.

I’ve been screwing around with summer Nobu to provide stars. There’s also the minor heal over time attached, but it’s been working out so far. She can also pull the stars for herself if need be. It makes for a really squishy team though, so Vlad would likely be better here.

A not-so-serious idea would be the Necromancy CE. If you’re lucky, it’ll proc Guts multiple times in one fight. RNG heavy and pretty much just a meme matchup of Servant and CE, but it does have its merits.

Vlad’s Taunt is only 1-turn actually. The only ones with a 3-turn Taunt are Georgios, d’Eon, and Leonidas (via NP as his Taunt skill is 1-turn).


Yeah, I just checked. It’s indeed 1 turn.
D’Eon isn’t a character I’d really run with Hijikata for the same reason as Paracelus. Doesn’t bring more than that one thing.
Leonidas though… He has a buster buff and give stars with his np. Plus double Taunt

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His gimmick is same as the yuri pirates (rider and archer), but the yuri pirates archer have guts in their skill.

Being a berserker is very risky on stray enemy crits but then its easier for him to go for low hp with guts ce.

I hardly use my summer yuri pirates because its still troublesome to fish for damage when they have class advantage.

Hijikata does benefit from bringing a Guts CE (not necessarily Necromancy) as it would allow him to survive one deathblow on those turns that no taunt is active.

There are a lot of them, and they tend of have a second effect, which may benefit him depending on which one it was. I think it was Chaldea Lifesavers which granted an NP again buff. Not as much as something like Divine Banquet but it could still help him charge up faster even by just that little bit while simultaneously providing an added safety net.

His Bond CE also provides Guts while boosting his damage, though being a Bond CE it only adds 100 to his ATK stat as compared to other CEs.

A non MLB would work well

Yeah, I’d only bring Necromancy if I have a backup plan for when it fails.

Even with a targetable guts, I feel like a guts CE is a nice idea. Never enough.
His bond CE probably is one of the few where the effects outbalance raw stats.
Still since I managed to snatch a ‘2 gods, 3 legged rance’ CE MLB… That’s probably an A tier pick

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It’s pretty much a case he does what he is trying to do but considering how fgo works and the fact that he is a zerker his high risk gameplay is to most people not worth the effort cause you can get similar (or arguably better) results using a normal dps without true low health gimmick

A backup plan? So another Hijikata with necromancy?



But Necromancy could work to make Hijikata more standalone:
Have him do his thing until he dies and switch in a more reliable servant after him.

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A backup plan that repeats the first plan is not much of a backup though :laughing:

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I mean a servant with necromancy un the back was backup plan in part one, and usually was Angra or Tamamo Cat and that plan never fail, seriously my Angra kill Lancelot that way