General Questions about Expert Agito and Master HDT

Hi All,

I’m new to these forums, been playing Dragalia lost since soon after the original release, but never really got into the most challenging content. With the chain co-abilities and revives, I’ve recently started doing the high dragon trials on expert and Agito on standard. I wanted to ask a few quick questions about master HDTs and expert Agito.

  1. I recently started buying the weekly bonus pack, which means I can get a top HDT weapon every 3 weeks doing the expert runs. Can this be done much faster by doing the master trials? How many horns, tails and spheres drop in the master trial, and how many of these do you get if you collect the weekly reward on the master trial?

  2. The standard agito weekly rewards seem very low, looks like 25 weeks (with the double bonus, 50 without) to get a single agito weapon fully unbound (I assume Damascus ingots cannot be used here.) Are the expert agito quests much harder than standard? How many of the common and rare spheres drop in a typical expert run? How many do you get from the weekly bonus?

  3. Assuming I can do the expert agitos, at this point should I just skip HDTs entirely and just do Agito? Can I do expert Agito with a 0UB Agito weapon that I can build after the first clear from standard or will I need a HDT weapon?

I know this is a lot of questions all packed together, but at least they’re all related :)
I look forward to your replies, thanks in advance!

I’m not exactly sure what the rewards from the weekly pack are, so I can’t comment on that.

Master Mids’ weekly reward is 5 horns and 12 orbs. I’m going to assume the rest are the same.

in difficulty:
standard Agito < sHDT < expert Agito < mHDT
for how good the weapons are, however:
HDT T1 < Agito < HDT T2 < MUB (and only MUB) Agito
In my experience (mostly Kai Yan) standard Agito gives you 7 basic shards per run, including the bonus (of 2) from not reviving. Expert gives you about 2-3 basic shards and 3-4(citation needed) gold shards and has no revive bonus.
Weekly bonuses, with no bought pack or anything, gives you 9 basic and 1 gold shards, while expert’s reward is 4 basic and 6 gold shards.
helpful reminder that making one weapon is 40 basic and 30 gold, so MUB is 200 and 150.
at, lets say, 6 basic and 9 gold per expert run it’s 16-17 runs for the gold pieces if you’re only doing runs with a weekly bonus, plus another ~15 non-bonus standard runs for the silver shards. If you want to do it in a single week it’s 3 Expert runs with the bonus, 38 non-bonus expert runs, plus 15 standard runs. Keep in mind though that you can do 4.8 expert or 8 standard runs a day without using items. Also people in the asian servers had all 6* weapons the week each Agito released.

Expert Agitos are easier than mHDTs. Yes, you can do expert Agito with a 0UB 6* weapon, but it’s generally recommended you make the fire tree using your first clear rewards, as Volk is annoying. Kai Yan is easy enough that the tree doesn’t matter. I’ve seen people passive-aggressively naming themselves stuff to discourage people using non-MUB 6* weapons in HDT rooms.
Chimera is enough for sVolk, HDT weapon probably recommended for expert. H.Lowen can leech pretty easily though. you can do eKai Yan with the chimera weapon, but you’d probably be stuck in patia/patia/gleo/nef Odd Swallows rooms for a while.

Thanks for the response! All of this is super helpful. By “weekly bonus pack” I just meant the weekly pack that doubles the weekly bonuses from HDT / Agito.

I think I’ll do another week of standard Agito / expert HDT’s and then upgrade the altars to 40, then start working on mHDT and eAgito :slight_smile:

Thanks again!