‼ General Support Thread 2.0 - All players and questions still welcome!

The old thread was dying, so it’s time for a new one!
When I made this back in September, I didn’t expect it to do so well, but I’m glad everyone’s been finding these threads useful.

The purpose of this thread is very simple: If you have a question about a certain mechanic or fight, need advice regarding Servants, or you’re just plain lost on what you should be doing, this is the place to go. :fgo_happytomoe:

The reason for this twofold: This gives people a one-stop thread for all their FGO needs, and it helps preserve the sanity of those of us who enjoy helping new players and go out of our way to do so. :fgo_insane: Keeping track of one thread is easier than trying to hit all the miscellaneous pleas for help.

Even if you’re not strictly a new player, but still want the advice or assistance of more experienced or knowledgeable players, you’re still welcome here! :fgo_coffee:

Note: Please do not use this thread asking for people with developed support rosters to become your friend. That’s what we have the FGO Friend/Support List Megathread for. :fgo_ereshwoah:

A few helpful links:
Event Compendium
Mat Drop Table

The old thread, for anyone who’s interested: General Support Thread - Ask Here First! (All Players Welcome)


This thread idea has been very fruitful considering we’re now in thread 2.0, sweet. Awesome stuff. :catclap:

Looking forward to its continuation.


Looking foward with new questions asked and newcomers coming along to seek knowledge regarding this absolute best civ.


To more experienced players. Is Proto Arthur worth building up for his eventual crit play-style, or is he not worth the effort?

He does solid damage and has a battery. If you don’t have a decent AoE Saber I’d say he’s worth it, also if you have a glut of embers and nothing more pressing. If you have another good AoE Saber and have others that need the embers more than hold off.


Thank you, yeah that sounds about right. He’ll be my next target for lores. I want to see his crits in action, because his NP damage is pretty bad.


Proto Arthur’s niche are vs the super giants.
He can be useful in clearing wave 2 giants like twrrch.
His crit strengthening will make him more useful.
He is worth raising.


LB3 is Arthur’s playground with all those giants :D Finally more than one giant enemy in a wave! The main problem is that his anti-giant niche is tied to a skill and not NP itself, so you have to choose between a charge and anti-giant boost often.



yeah, sorry, LB2)
Why is Skadi LB3 King for me… probably because of that huge gacha failure


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Any idea when the pre campaign for case files for na will start? The last I checked in the jp schedule the pre campaign came like a week before the actual event started.

A bit less than a week actually, 4/22 and 4/27 in JP. They had case files start immediately after GUDAGUDA… Which would mean the precolab should already be here since GUDAGUDA is ending 4/25 for us instead of 4/26. Since precolab isn’t here yet, I’m guessing that we’ll get a day or two of dead time so they don’t have to start a new event on a Monday and have everyone working Sunday getting it ready to launch.

But anytime now… Just got to wait.

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What are the enemy classes for the pure ticket nodes in the upcoming two lottos (BiNY and Christmas)? Want to start planning early.

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@jakeybitchette, you can probably answer this better than I can.

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GilFest is Casters and then 2 rounds of Sabers

So basically DSS Achilles or Superscope Drake/Astolfo

Double Bride and NP2 Jarcher is a reliable 6-slot foe the Saber nodes

Xmas is Lancers and like Jason can farm it (low HP values and there’s lots of bronze servant damage bonuses)



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Tho the Xmas lancer node is notoriously difficult to min-turn and max-bonus. Lots of people (including me on JP :grimacing:) just farmed the Caster node

But here’s a clever (albeit kinda whale, because NP2 Smolvinci) setup

But tbh if you have a Superscope, I’d just 5-slot it with DSS Dantès/Zerklot or Paracelsus + double NP Astoria/Mordred

Otherwise, really easy to farm with Waver support because the CE gives 30% (50% MLB) starting gauge


This is honestly my plan for all of these nodes, since Zerkerlot decided to spook me for the 5th time on XA’s banner…