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fwiw I think I will put BL on merlin (and ML on skadi) because merlin comps are more “budget friendly” so more people may be using him. Caster Shuten, mecha Eli, jalter zerker are all welfares with good damaging buster NP and advantage to Barbatos. Not to mention merlin offers more to players who can one shot and are just looking to play normally


I already have Superscope on her.
She’s only NP1, though…

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I don’t have Merlin (sadly the game thought I was rolling for an NP6 Lalter who I barely use), so I’m running BL Waver on casters and NP2 BG Sanzang on all.

Can you suggest Barbatos setup for me to use? I have np1 Cu Alter and np1 Sitonai as ST servants?

As I don’t have supports(Merlin, Waver,Skadi). What alternative servants can I put in support(in Barbatos Raid), I have MLB BL.

…You’re probably better off planning for the fight to take a while, but there’s a Case Files prep thread somewhere. GImme a minute.

Unfortunately I don’t think that they’re going to cut it. I very much doubt that you’re going to be able to work out a way to quickly farm Barbie with just those two as your options.

Borrow a bg sanzang at a high np level and buff the daylights out of them with shakes, Bunyan, Helena or Liz

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Apologies in advance if there is already a question like this but I wasn’t able to find anything yet about it. I’m kinda slogging in through the case files event due to some IRL stuff lately and just wondering on when the raids start and if there is a part of the event you need to be on for it to be available to you. Any replies would be appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ll have to, essentially, clear the whole story up to the timegate. It’s not a particularly hard story to clear, the mission locks are pretty simple to get over. The raids unlock on, I believe, very early on May 5th, PST. I’m not at the timelock myself just yet so I could be off on that one but I think that’s the date.

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Thanks for the info. I still have time left if that’s the case then. Save me some time before I panic using the apples I have. Appreciate it.

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Hey there!
I wanted to ask about the upcoming banner in june for arjuna alter (im planning to roll for him) but i have seen that the banner also has karna, so the question is will they be on rotation or together? I don’t really want karna since i already have strong lancers.

Dont worry
Its in different banner

Thank you!!

Can someone give me a list of all banners this year up to next year? Or where can I find one. Thank you

Just searching onthe internet will give you everything you need.
I found this for you.


For me that will quite literally be dark o’clock May 6th.

For the grail live event, has the NP5 welfare been released yet? Right now I’m only at NP2 and the main story is already over so I’m wondering if I missed out on something

Main story isn’t over, it’s time locked. You gotta wait

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I’m NP3 now
Need high dance and performance to get last 2