‼ General Support Thread - Ask Here First! (All Players Welcome)

Considering the number of new threads that get created on a daily basis by new players seeking assistance, I figured it was past time for a general support thread.

The purpose of this thread is very simple: If you have a question about a certain mechanic or fight, need advice regarding Servants, or you’re just plain lost on what you should be doing, this is the place to go. :fgo_happytomoe:

The reason for this twofold: This gives people a one-stop thread for all their FGO needs, and it helps preserve the sanity of those of us who enjoy helping new players and go out of our way to do so. :fgo_insane: Keeping track of one thread is easier than trying to hit all the miscellaneous pleas for help.

Even if you’re not strictly a new player, but still want the advice or assistance of more experienced or knowledgeable players, you’re still welcome here! :fgo_coffee:

Note: Please do not use this thread asking for people with developed support rosters to become your friend. That’s what we have the FGO Friend/Support List Megathread for. :fgo_ereshwoah:

A few helpful links:
Event Compendium
Mat Drop Table


@Flower_Hermit I know I’m the one who created this thread in the first place, but would something like this be worthy of getting a stickie?


Sorry, back was acting up so I was laying in bed. Sure, seems like it’d be useful. I got my own dumb questions I wanna ask and didn’t wanna make a thread for anyway so I’m biased towards saying it’s a good idea.

I’ll pin it for a month and if it gets serious traction, I’ll extend it. That work fine for you?


I’m sure there are a ton of people that could make use of this.


Knowing people we will see one Camelot help thread in about a week or two despite this thread being a thing no faith I know


It would be nice if I could highlight a thread like my comments, but oh well


I’m sure you’re not wrong, but at least it should help cut down on the number of them.
And Camelot is pretty hellish, so it’s understandable.

I mean there’s guides on the main gp site for a reason

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I don’t read guides. When camelot was released everybody had a weak roster so I used quartz to full revive.

Gawain made me vomit lot of quartz.


A little question that’s been ■■■■■■■■ at me. Do the free quests in the psuedo-singularities still give the additional bond points. I really do need to get around to starting those.

I’m guessing you’re talking about Salem and the Mark of the Heretic Passive on Casters?

There’s a hidden side quest in Salem at the Town Hall that you can access after completing that node’s Free quest. The Side quest will give Bond Points, and until you complete it, the Casters will still have the Mark of the Heretic Passive.

The actual Free quests do not give increased bond points.

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Thank you for that

Not a problem.
I only stumbled upon it because I was trying to get feathers from the Town Hall. (Best nodes for that, btw.)

That is an excellent tip because I am need of a lot of feathers

Mark of the Heretic Passive

Didn’t know it was called that. Interesting.

I’ve finished Solomon and Shinjuku, what should I do next? Clear the next Remnant or jump to the 1st Lostbelt? Are the Lostbelts much more difficult than Shinjuku?

The thing is, I read that for Oniland I need to finish the 2nd Lostbelt so I’m worried that I won’t make it on time…

You can pretty much skip all of the EoR stories really. Shimousa is by far the hardest one since most of the difficult fights forces you to use story supports. Salem is mostly story so you can start with that if you want to clear out the EoR stories.

As for difficulties, well, LB1 and 2 aren’t really all too difficult except for LB2’s Syrtr fight that forces you to use a story support but the support Sigurd is so jacked up that he can solo it. Much more so once the update hits where the supports get their own NPC only CEs.

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I’d focus on LB1 and 2 clear 1st. Oniland gives Shuten Caster, a ST Caster, which is a rarity on its own. As mentioned above Sutr fight is difficult but can be cleared with only support NPC, it may require a bit of resetting though. Anastasia’s fight in LB1 can be cleared with a strong ST Rider from support or with Melt, but it has a few gimmicks so you have to play your cards right, I’d look up the guide on Gamepress.


I didn’t know about the NPCs getting CEs, when we will get that update?

I was also wondering if maybe it’s better to wait for some 1/2 AP camping before oniland, but then I fear that I won’t have enough time if it’s too close.

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