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checks wiki
Lancer Cu and Diarmuid also have E rank luck.
The Lancer curse is real.


Lancah ga shinda.

Avoid story rolls if possible. The pool is diluted. You have the same chance of getting an ssr or Sr, but no specific targeting of any of them.

Shuten and Karna are good, but I wouldn’t exactly reco them. The usual priority would be waifus, and gameplay wise you can go for waver, skadi, arjuna alter, in that priority. All three are universally good picks, and will help massively. Any other gameplay rolls, like Seibah for aoe saber, Ishtar for aoe archer, will depend on what your roster needs. But don’t worry about story fights, you can friend solo nearly everything. Only shimosa remains unsoloable.

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My gold roster is just Martha and Stheno, plus regulars like David, Cast Cu, George.
Anybody is good at the moment. :fgo_jeannu:

If you just want good strong servants, the Gil banner right now is WAY better than the story banner. Gilgamesh and Caesar are absolutely top tier, and Sheba is pretty damn solid too.

I actually disagree with what people say about never rolling on the story banner, there is one case when it is ok. Immediately after completing Fuyuki (the prologue), the summoning pool is still pretty small, and it has a few really good servants, and less of the mediocre/bad story locked servants. If you just want anyone decent at the start of the game, I think it’s fine to roll story immediately. As I said though, right now you’re way better off rolling on the Gil banner.


Hi particularly new player here 3 months old I’m done with anastasia ita was frankly easy I didn’t waste any quartz I’m progressing trough the Gotterdamung quite fast the only problem il is that it takes 20+ ap to clear 1 quest and now Gilfest is here and I pulled Gilgamesh I don’t know what I should do first Lostbelt 2 or Gilfest

For those who wants to see the servants I mostly use its in my Support Setup
I also use other gold servants but I have no time to level
Saber darmuid
Gil (at lvl 50 cause he is op for farming)
Marie antoinette

The Oniland Halloween event this year will require LB2 to be completed, but there will be a 1/2 AP Part 2 Main Quest campaign immediately beforehand.

GilFest will give you so many embers, QP, and other resources that it will also help you level Gil at the same time.

I have been using the XP cards on Gil but I’m worried that my Servants won’t be able to clear LB2 quick enough

Also I’m out of Proofs so I use the 3 proofs per box to my advantage its also for Gil

…Let me put it this way: In the past two days, I’ve raised ~8 Servants to max level due to opening lotto boxes for GilFest.
And Oniland is going to be after the 2019 Halloween Rerun.
You’ll have plenty of time to do all of it.

Do GilFest. Proofs are one of the main materials from the Lotto Boxes.

Hmm was it after the Mecha eli Rerun which I also missed

The problem with my account is that the servants I built up are mostly Support focused like Skadi and Osakabehime I have a bit of damage dealer’s but I rely on a support Cu alter or something else to clear it

Defense isn’t really a problem I have a Jeanne(ruler) to cover me

Yes, the rerun is the Mecha Eli Chan event. You may have missed the original, but the Rerun hasn’t even started yet.

And it’s fine to have a lot of supports. In fact, having the support as native Servants will be easier on you. Just borrow a DPS, which there are a ton of.

You may not be able to farm GilFest as effeciently as people who’ve been preparing for it for months, but it’s still a very important event due to the unlimited mats, QP, mana prisms, and embers.

I said support focused but it’s mainly on Quick cards and I have a MHX(alter) support to back me up but the problem is she dies before I could pop her NP even with Skadi and Osakabehimes giving her NP with a 20% gauge from the Mystic code(skills are not maxed I don’t have time to gather mats)

MHXA isn’t a very durable Servant. In fact, she’s really squishy.
I’d recommend looking into some other DPS options, like a Saber for the “Garden” node that’s currently up in GilFest.

Also, I hope your Herc is in your last slot. That’s where he’ll be most valuable.

Edit: Gil is one of the best Servants in game, and this event will be great to level him.

My herc I just got 7-9 days ago so I already had my Berserker Jalter so he’s sitting in my Second archive with Iskandar

Also I have an Altera for my Saber class she deals crazy damage to Lancers

Herc and Jerker have entirely different purposes.
Herc is not used as a normal Berserker that just kills things. He’s used as a last man standing, due to his evade, his guts, and his bond 10 CE which has 3 stacks of guts. If Guts is triggered on a Servant, and they’re the only Servant on your side of the field, the enemy’s turn is immediately ended. This means that you can basically get 6 turns of Buster Brave Chains from Herc before he dies.

Sadly, he takes forever to get to bond 10, so you will need to always have him as your sixth Servant.

In regards to getting a Saber, just grab a Saber from your friends list. An Artoria or Mordred with K-scope would work, or even just Musashi and take them down one by one.

Only have broken lvl 100 10/7/10 Okita support
And a few Aerial drive lvl 100 10/10/10 Musashis I think I have 1 Artoria lvl 100 10/10/10/ with a Keleidoscope but I’m not sure

Any of those will do.
It may take longer, but you’ll be able to get through it fairly easily.