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I don’t remember the date off of the top of my head but more or less next year. When Lb4 hits i think?

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Oh, I will beat everything before that for sure. Good to know, anyway, I’ve always found strange that NPCs don’t hold CEs.

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Yeah, on JP 1/2 AP campaign started almost simultaneously with Halloween 3 rerun (a day later) and lasted til Oniland release. but it’s a pretty tight schedule.

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I’d recommend skipping the EoR for now. While they’re kinda interesting, and you need them to unlock the True Names of some Servants, Shinjuku’s really the only one with a story worth the trouble. Shimousa’s story is good, but it’s difficulty compared to the other EoRs is like Camelot’s compared to the other Singularities.

You may as well leave them be, for now. Especially since the 2019 Halloween Rerun has a mission to raise the bond level of the welfare, and you can use Agartha for that. For now, just work on progressing through LB1 and 2.
I would recommend trying to take advantage of GilFest as much as you can to strengthen your Servants, but try to balance it with progress in the story.

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I normally don’t like to suggest skipping, but a ST welfare caster is too good to pass up for sure. Just use some apples when the 1/2AP campaign is on. (make sure to still complete the Halloween rerun though. Mecha Eli is very useful, particularly in one of the EoR)

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Honestly, in terms of the main story Shinjuku is the only pseudo-singularity that is really that impactful, simply because it re-introduces Sherlock. Agartha and Salem don’t have much impact on the plot at all, and Shimousa is one massive plot dump explaining the really noodly lore behind what a Lostbelt is without actually telling you that that’s what it’s telling you. You don’t really need that though because it explains it way better and quicker in the LB prologue. Shimousa also reintroduces Musashi I guess, but she’s nowhere even close to as important as Sherlock.

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Shimousa also reintroduces Musashi I guess, but she’s nowhere even close to as important as Sherlock.

This offends my waifu sensibilities. Also Atlantis.
@The_Cheeseman your thoughts on the matter? sorry I had to, sorry, not sorry

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Thanks for the advice. I’m currently progressing through the 1st Lostbelt, let’s see how far I get before Oniland while I farm Gilfest and complete Halloween rerun. At least I have 70 something gold apples to burn… :fgo_gudako:

I want to eventually clear all the EoRs after oniland, though. I think I will enjoy the new servants introductions at least. That and the SQ xD

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Not only are you dissing Musashi, but you list SR arts Sabers and don’t even mention Nero?!?

You are dead to me, sir. Dead, I say!

Oh wait…



Just 2 quick questions since I finally got my Skadi’s skills up, and I haven’t paid a ton of attention to the DSS comps.

Which would be better to use, a NP1 Lancelot, or a NP 2 Atalante? (i also have a NP1 Parvati, but assumed she would be too weak at that level)

And a follow-up question if possible. Will the DSS comp be useful during Gilfest, or is that only if you actually have Dante?

Also i do have K-scope, but not a MLB copy.

Depends on what you mean by “better.”

Atalante is very easy to enable looping, however her damage ceiling, especially when she doesn’t have class advantage, is fairly low.

Zerkerlot is very difficult to enable and things can easily go wrong if he doesn’t hit certain thresholds, but his damage output is comparable to Dantes. Generally, you’d want at least NP2, but preferably NP3.
K-scope can help with enabling him, though, but not as much as an MLB scope would.

With Zerkerlot at NP 1, Atalante will defintely be more stable.

DSS will be useful during Gilfest, but you’d want decently high NP level on whoever you’re using.

I’d recommend checking this guide out for how to enable looping: https://gamepress.gg/grandorder/skadi-looping-tier-list
And check here for comps for GilFest: GilFest Farming Thread

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So this is a really hard question to answer, because it changes on every node. First off, I want to clear up a really common misconception.

Higher NP levels DO NOT increase the servant’s NP gain. All they do is make them do more damage. That means that they reach overkill more quickly however, and every overkill hit generates 50% (I think) more NP.

So if each hit generated 1% normally, and you had 10 hits, you would get 10% charge. If at NP2 4 hits were overkill, you would instead get 12% charge, and at NP3 6 hits were overkill, you’d get 13% charge. The numbers for actual loopers are all much bigger of course.

That means that even NP1 Lancelot can DSS some nodes, but because he needs a lot of overkill hits, if the enemies have too much HP he needs a higher NP level to do more damage so he can get to the overkill quicker.

As for your current predicament of GilFest, I don’t think NP1 Zerkerlot can get enough overkill to loop, especially not with regular KScope, but Atalante may not have high enough damage to actually clear the waves.


Actually, the SoA farming sheets had a comp using np1 zerkalot and a max level HNS, but Zerkalot only loops once and lets paracelsus handle w1. More specifically, the video example was np1 zerkalot, and it did need some facecarding, but as long as you don’t draw all caster cards it should be fine. I’m sure you can also find variations that would include DSS.


If you have Waver, you can probably pull off Atalante DSS on the Finals node, but it’s going to need facecards for sure.

Without Waver, it’s probably not happening, sadly.


As far as GilFest is concerned, how many apples are you planning on going through? If you have 100 or less bookmarked for Gilfest, a reliable sub-6 turn clear, with 5 CKT CEs for drops, a partial DSS loop strat with Lancelot or Atalante could still be a very useable team for you. Obviously you want the lowest turns possible with the highest amount of CEs, but if you’re not going too hard 5 turns isn’t a bad trade for better drops. I was running a 4/5-turn Kiara comp (depending on draws) in last year’s NeroFest and I still went through about 120 apples with minimal pain.
There are, I believe, 4 CE builds for every node that are basically entirely F2P? So it’s your choice if you want faster clears (for less frustrating grind) or better drops (for better drops).


Thanks for all the tips everyone!
I tried pre-building some team comps I was thinking I could use since I don’t have a Waver or a maxed out Paracelsus, but some other real life things got in the way so I couldn’t focus much at all. So ill probably just have to wait until the day of to see what works.

As for how many apples I’m gonna use, I don’t really have a set amount (beyond gems, I don’t really need any of the other mats) but im gonna try and use a lot since I currently have about 222 golds alone.

I’m a relatively new player, about 4 months in and i’m really liking the game. Since I am a new player, I’ve missed a few events and chances to receive rewards in the early stages. Do the events ever come back after the re-run? If not, do the special contents such as Spiritron dresses for certain characters or CE come back in a different event or summon?


So far no event has had 2 reruns. Though some events with welfares are starting to appear in the rare prism shop as a chance to get the welfare and ascension material, but nothing else limited to the event. So far only Santera and BB, but those reruns haven’t happened yet (you just need to complete Babylonia and Solomon to participate when they return)