‼ General Support Thread III - Open to All

I’ll be honest, never expected these threads to stay alive this long. Not that I’m complaining.

The purpose of this thread is very simple: If you have a question about a certain mechanic or fight, need advice regarding Servants, or you’re just plain lost on what you should be doing, this is the place to go. :fgo_happytomoe:

The reason for this twofold: This gives people a one-stop thread for all their FGO needs, and it helps preserve the sanity of those of us who enjoy helping new players and go out of our way to do so. :fgo_insane: Keeping track of one thread is easier than trying to hit all the miscellaneous pleas for help.

Even if you’re not strictly a new player, but still want the advice or assistance of more experienced or knowledgeable players, you’re still welcome here! :fgo_coffee:

Note: Please do not use this thread asking for people with developed support rosters to become your friend. That’s what we have the FGO Friend/Support List Megathread for. :fgo_ereshwoah:

A few helpful links:
Fate/Grand Order FAQ Thread
Event Compendium
Mat Drop Table

The old threads, for anyone who’s interested:
General Support Thread - Ask Here First! (All Players Welcome)
General Support Thread 2.0 - All players and questions still welcome!


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Leader title or mod badge are good indicators

Another GST finally dead, huh?

Neat. May many a n00b be enlightened!


Archuria’s damage is so damn noodley. OG artoria in burst nearly matches her st damage in a vacuum

That example’s with a buff total very much aimed at “can we full loop off NP?” rather than “flaming death!” though.

(External) 135 Arts, 125NP Gen, 40 Atk, 20NP Strength. 2k atk CE (MoaSF).
Change to a superBG and Reines plug and you have 100 Arts/60 NP Gen/80 Atk/80NP Strength, plus 400 extra Atk. Miles higher damage.

Vanilla Artoria isn’t touching close to Archuria when her loop-CE freedom is added in.

And vanilla Artoria’s NP interlude and in kit burst steroids aren’t really a joke!


Nah its actually good damage for someone who can np every turn ON THEIR OWN. Comparing buster’s one-and-done to art was never apples to apples.

Well I’d say her interlude only increasing damage without adding anything or even touching the OC is pretty much a joke by today’s standards.
Even by older standards

I’ll rephrase:

The higher multiplier buff coupled with her high steroids don’t produce joke numbers. Sure AoE NP5 interluded is only like, marginally over NP1 ST, but her buff total is huge compared to your average kit.

Part 3 thread :fgo_robinstare:
Leave my mark here :catwalkaway:

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You think I missed the meaning but actually you missed the joke.

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I’m too tired
What even is humour?

Here before the 20th comments

What a journey


@Gou @Cards Thank you for the answer previously regarding eSports Servants. Is there a list somewhere of Servants to keep an eye out for that’d fall under this category? Off the top of my head, I can think of:

Georgios, Leonidas, Gong


Shakespeare (Buster), OG Elisabeth (Female Atk), Stheno (Divine Atk)

Jane (Her S3?), David (Evade for early rosters), Avicebron (Death Effect on S3?), Medea (Cleanse?)

Would Chiron and Helena count? Edit: Trying to also differentiate between Support and eSports since the latter seems to be a subset of the former.