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Yeah just how it goes, recently was reminded Spishtar has the same problem. Went to hit her S3 for an easy 2 turn and 3 straight misses.


I actually like to slot in Lanling for the sake of this. Also saves some charge if you use Lanling’s battery on S.Ishtar as well. MGoS & Smiling face mlb CE’s can be used in this setup to 3T FQ assuming the Ishtar is higher than NP1.


Laughs in Imperial Privilege.

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So I noticed something reacently when I go to use a skill in battle if the skill is a self or all allies or targeted enemy skill it just activates. If it is a select an ally skill it jist goes right to the selection screen.

It used to display the skill information and a yes or cancel button when selecting a skill. I prefured it that way.

Does anyone know what went wrong and how to fix it?

You probably deactivated Skill Confirmation on Menu during battle.

Even with it off if you hold your finger on the skill, it’ll display the information as well.

Is that in the settings or in battle settings?

It’s when you are in a battle. There’s a Menu button with those options.

Thank you

The artist who did her pose with out the weapon really did not do a very good job compared to the one who did the pose with the weapon.

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The second pose is a parody of how some businessmen use their hands on their presentations. Idk if it’s Jeff Bezos inspired, but watching some of these guys talking about stuff kinda remindeded me that’s how they usually use their hands.


So it’s fine if y’all want to talk about a character’s backstory, but maybe don’t fill up the General Support Thread with theories on how a character may or may not have been raped alright? Not really the place for that kind of discussion and a bit off-putting to read if you just have a general question.


I love history time as much as the next person, but I agree with Aard: it needs a spin-off thread :slight_smile:


Are Caster, Saber, Rider and Alter Ego Elizabeths the only welfares possible to grail to 120 so far?

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Gray , Ruler vinci, Ranmaru :fgo_holmescultured:


I forgot they also added Nobukatsu’s coin in Guda5 rerun shop
I can also add Saber Lily and Habetrot if you count gold FP summon servants as welfare


How good is Np3 Consort Yu with DKS? Is it better than NP1 Semiramis with DKS?


Considering that Semiramis has a strengthened NP and much-higher base stats, I wouldn’t expect great things from Yu even after her strengthening hits. She’ll have decent buff values, but her ATK is so awful that she will still hit like a potato.

Edit: to be clear, at NP3 she is less potato on the first two waves than NP1 Semi, while Semi should beat her slightly on the third.

Neither of them are really great options for this kind of play, though. Semiramis starts with okay (for Assassin) ATK and has that strengthened NP with a tiny steroid tacked on, but she does poor damage except on the wave she debuffs.

If it helps your comparison, Semi at NP1 = 400% modifier; Yu at NP3 has a slightly higher 450%.