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The purpose of this thread is very simple: If you have a question about a certain mechanic or fight, need advice regarding Servants, or you’re just plain lost on what you should be doing, this is the place to go. :fgo_happytomoe:

The reason for this twofold: This gives people a one-stop thread for all their FGO needs, and it helps preserve the sanity of those of us who enjoy helping new players and go out of our way to do so. :fgo_insane: Keeping track of one thread is easier than trying to hit all the miscellaneous pleas for help.

Even if you’re not strictly a new player, but still want the advice or assistance of more experienced or knowledgeable players, you’re still welcome here! :fgo_coffee:

Note: Please do not use this thread asking for people with developed support rosters to become your friend. That’s what we have the FGO Friend/Support List Megathread for. :fgo_ereshwoah:

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I understand that sometimes lower rarity servants help with being able to use support CEs and as good support alternatives before castoria came out. As a newer player constantly low on monuments and gems I didn’t have the luxury to level up lower rarity supports like Hans, as my mats all went to higher rarity servants.

Now that castoria is out, I’m curious — specifically for arts teams, are there anything substantial that lower rarity servants bring to the table that higher rarity supports can’t do?

I assume some reasons are gimmick quests, trying to field support CEs with lower team cost, irregular nodes where AoE arts can’t reliably loop etc. Specifically wondering if there’s anything other than “enabling loop/increase farming efficiency” that lower rarity servants provide? My hunch is some servants have specific unique skills that for example boost all 3 cards efficiency etc


The most obvious one is Arash, since he has built-in Order Change. His being Buster isn’t super-relevant to his usual function of eliminating a lower-HP wave and getting out of the way.

Asclepius is notable for having party NP charge, anti-debuff utility, and party-wide Guts.

Medea remains a super-accessible option for ST buff removal and lower HP Assassin nuking.

Gong is a powerhouse even though his teams can be a little complicated and/or expensive.

Georgios is great to have around for various CQ setups.

Mozart is a rather amazing little 1T Arts burst supporter with a massive star bomb.


I guess there are only so many things a servant can do. It’s either gonna be farming/spamming NP, boosting team performance or specific niche like buff removal/penetration, and some low rarity servants have uniqueness in what they bring to the table.

That being said, I think that also means I won’t really need to worry about having Arash or needing an order change for another NP/buff for generic looping purposes if I have a DCS team that is “good enough”


Since DCS can provide a full 100% charge (assuming the DPS Servant starts a 0% and has no native battery) Paracelsus also provides a strong 50% NP Gain buff and a 20% Arts buff, letting him add more to NP loop comps than Bride’s 45% NP Gain buff and 30% Charge.

Though obviously in instances where the DPS cannot fully refund 100%, Bride’s 30% charge may be better than Paracelsus adding more refund.


I mean, those categories cover everything except for “Hulk smash.” Lower rarities are generally not going to compete with the damage potential of higher rarities outside of special conditions like extreme buff stacking or unique mechanics, like Arash and Chen having ST multipliers on their AoE NPs.

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I think that’s pretty fair, given that low rarity servants as is have their uniqueness to it. There’s probably always the need to come back to them for 6-slotting and such…


Yeah, Paracelsus is mainly out if the player has premium alternatives since flat NP charge is usually preferable even to Paracelsus’ big NP Gain Up.

However, if they don’t have entire army of premium supporters, he can still find work.

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Yea my understanding there is that Paracelsus enables looping for either teams that otherwise can’t loop, or enables support CE from lowering team cost and lowering starting NP requirement. Would “enabler” sum up vast majority of low rarity servant usage?


Oh right, I was gonna mention him but I got distracted.


While often called a budget Merlin, he puts in great work in Arts teams too as he provides good buffs. Plus, he covers two things that Casturia lacks. Healing and Crit.


I feel like I should mention that there is a big gap between players who have huge SSR rosters and those who are newer, play very casually, and/or have very bad luck with the gacha and are not supplementing with wallet-kun.

Many players have 3* and lower Servants they love to use as go-tos, and the grailing system helps you get the most mileage out of these Servants who start with lower base stats. There are options if you have lower rarity favorites you want to use as more than CE-holders and supplemental buffers.


Yea that makes sense to me. My understanding is along the lines of: If I have Merlin I don’t really need Hans other than cost issues, but what if I didn’t have Merlin


In that specific case, you generally don’t need to use Hans if you have Merlin. I haven’t used him in god-knows-how-long. But if I did want to use him, he could find work. He’s a genuinely good Servant, but…I have NP5 Merlin, and I will certainly use him in most situations where I could go one way or the other.

Hans doesn’t play exactly the same, of course, but I don’t tend to find myself thinking “gee, I really should have brought Hans.”