‼ General Support Thread the 4th - Open to All

Ibuki isn’t a gamebreaking support, nor omni-looper, so I think she’d mostly be an waifu pull if you liked her artwork and/or story.

If you’re concerned with immediate gameplay viability and have a Castoria I would suggest waiting until Muramasa at new year.

Ibuki won’t be legit top end anything until Koyan comes out. I will make a little roll advice thread for the banner so you can look there if you want a more specific take from me.

Thank you! Im so glad that everyone here is very nice with every player

In Tsuna’s first boss fight, why is he getting 1 turn of evade instead of 1 hit after I pop his guts?

Hey guys look Who came to my chaldeas IN THE FIRST MULTI


Nice pull!

Just FYI, your reply should probably go in the Event Summon thread:

Yes, the Summon thread has a confusing title, but you should get a lot more appreciation for her there.

Also, there were a couple Ibuki discussion threads:

Again, just FYI.

When I ask help for the fights in Heian-Kyo do I post it here? Or is there a specific thread for just that?

You can post here or in the 5.5 discussion thread.

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Thank you for the answer! :fgo_ereshlove:

Is now a good time to use up CE exp cards? My second archive for those is nearly full, but if there is a 3x or more great success rate up before our next influx of CE exp cards, it might be worth it to wait.

Not sure about 3x, but there should be a DL Campaign soon which has 2x success. After that is New Year’s which also has 2x success.

As it’s 2x, I used my 1-star & 2-stars to get breathing room. I’m still holding the higher rarity exp CEs in Second Archive, waiting for 3x or 4x, which I hope we’ll get at Anniversary.

It will be x3 at 6th Anniversary.


Thanks, I’ll just keep holding onto the CEs until then.

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Will we get any big dumps of CE exp before then? I remember Saber Wars II gave out a decent amount.

Valentines and SWII rerun. And like, that’s it.


When’s the next time we get an event who gives ton of QP like that casino summer one?

Any given lotto event like the one coming during Xmas, but the current half AP Extreme Treasure Vault daily is strictly the best way to gain purely QP at around 4M QP per 20 AP


Seconding Ard.

Normally, you get 4+M QP for 40 AP, so 1/2 AP QP is like 8+M QP for 40 AP. Raids are halfway comparable, giving 4+M QP plus Embers (MP) for 40 AP, but those are limited duration and Embers are kinda useless once you have everyone at max level.

If you need QP, farm the 40 AP thing at 1/2 AP!

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Thank you for the replies! :heart: