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Between Merlin and Skadi which do people prefer in the All slot, for both events and regular support roster, at the moment? Also, which CE would be preferred for them at the moment: A Fragment of 2030 MLB, Chaldea Lunchtime MLB or in Skadi’s case her Bond CE?

Edit: Between a 5% or 50 point Bond Increase CE which provides a greater benefit?

I like to think that not all people are rolling for Castoria, or didn’t get her, and still using DSS for 3T, that’s why I put Skadi on my All slot with her Bond CE

Use 5% or 50pts. CE if quest gives 1000 BP

If the quest gives more than 1000 BP, 5% CE provides more BP than the 50pts.

Note: I’m not a math guy so if my calculation wrong please someone correct me :slight_smile:


No, it’s correct

If base bond is >1000 → go for 5%
If base bond is <1000 → go for 50

but quests with over 1k bond are pretty much main story/interludes only, they don’t exist in FQs/rank ups and are very rare in events


How does Kiara (Moon Cancer) fairs against Kiara (Alter Ego) in NP looping cavalry classes nodes, especially with type 3-3-x?

Have Kiara(AE) at NP1. Tried her on the stage Fallen Babylon-Babylonia which has rider class enemies - 3-3-3 ( HP varies as 16k-30k-80k). With DCC (all skills at 10 except one’s arts buff at 7), she needs formalcraft (Lv. 20 and no limit breaks) to loop if I’m going for a 0% NP charge setup. No MC skills used here.

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Not using MC skills is your issue with that setup. She doesn’t need a special CE to loop Riders. Staggering her s3 and 2004’s NP Gain Up, for example, will let her loop with DCS as long as she meets the damage requirements.

They both loop Cavalry just fine, though I would have to do an Assassin-only node with my AE Kiara to say for sure how that pans out, because her refund is not generous - update: Assassin-only is a no without using CE or plugsuit help. Summer Kiara doesn’t have amazing refund, either, but it’s better than her original’s. The catch is that she doesn’t have a 1T NP Gain Up buff and needs to be strategic about skill use because of the Rank Up mechanic.


iirc, it’s only worth slotting in if you need more refund. I’m not sure if you have mlb Smiling Face & MGoS but if you do, you won’t ever bother with Formal Craft.

Another thing to take note of is your roster. If you need more NP gain, you have Bride & Tamamo available to you.

While Bride won’t see a ton of usage as a support anymore, there will still be a small group of servants that she’ll support with DCS available, this is less apparent on farming FQ and more so during events or CQ.

Also if you’re having a very small NP gain issue and your servant has a charge skill available still you can play around with MC’s to find which best suits your needs.


Art of poisonous snake actually has a stronger arts buff for 3t farming so if your damage is enough imo formal craft isn’t worth the exp

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Very specific question for the JP players.

So I’m compiling a big database right now, and I was looking at future events. I’ve just got to next Valentines, and I don’t really understand how the Bitter Shadow Challenge quests (which is different from the challenge quest) work. The wiki lists 3 different Fatal Battle 1/1 waves with 9 enemies for each class, and says that you can get QP based on the number of enemies you defeat in 3 turns.

Does it choose a random one of those waves every time you enter, or can you enter 3 times, and it progresses through each one? Can you attempt every class? Is there a limited number of attempts or can you just keep going for as many apples as you have?

Basically, I’m trying to work out how much QP you’ll get. If there’s a maximum, I’ll calculate and include it, but if it’s like a raid that you can spam, I won’t.

Here’s a link to the wiki.

I’m not sure if this answers your question but here’s how it works:

Once you kill an enemy, a new one immediately spawns in.

So on each class rotation, the maximum you can kill in one turn is 9 - 3 per NP

You fight all 27 enemies for each Bitter Shadow Challenge Quest. The way enemies respawn is different in that enemies will immediately come in once another enemy is defeated instead of at the end of the round like usual.

Right, so you need to triple loop three NPS to clear everything. Do you know if you can spam it with apples, or is it one attempt only?

Also, can you attempt all of the classes, or only one of them?

Each Challenge can only be cleared once but it looks like you can just quit out of the Challenge and retry if you want to experiment and maximize kills.

The Classes will rotate on a daily basis.

You can do all of the classes. A content creator I watch has videos up for the event.

No idea if the quest are repeatable however.

For reference I linked every upload he has pertaining to this aspect of the event. Hope it helps.

[Fate\Grand Order] Valentine 2021 - Saber & MoonCancer Challenge, 26 Enemies in 3 turns - YouTube

[Fate\Grand Order] Valentine 2021 - 27 enemies in 3 turns / Archer Bitter Challenge - YouTube

[Fate\Grand Order] Valentine 21 Bitter Challenge (Avenger) - 27 enemies in 3 turns, 60% bonus - YouTube

[Fate\Grand Order] Valentine 21 Bitter Challenge (Lancer) - 27 enemies - YouTube

[Fate\Grand Order] Valentine 21 Bitter Challenge (Basaka) - 27/27 NoCS - YouTube

[Fate\Grand Order] Valentine 21 Bitter Challenge (Assassins) - 27 / 27 Clear - YouTube

[Fate\Grand Order] Valentine 21 Bitter Challenge - AE, CA, FR - 27 / 27 clears - YouTube

[Fate\Grand Order] Valentine 21 Bitter Challenge (Rulers) 27/27 Space Ishtar and Kiara Setups - YouTube

[Fate\Grand Order] Valentine 21 Bitter Challenge - MoonCancer - 27/27 NoCS - YouTube

Right, thanks. I guess I’ll put the 27/27 QP for each class? It kind of feels like that’s going to be super high cost teams that will be out of reach for the average person, but I don’t really have any good way of estimating I don’t think.

Thanks everyone.

Well, shit, I went to do Herc’s Rank Up and there was an Odysseus on the last wave.

He was gonna NP, I just used Castoria’s NP, then looked at the phone again (was watching a video as well) and wtf, my whole party died.

Then I checked Gamepress and his NP removes all defensive buffs :fgo_insane: and here I thinking Castoria was unbeatable :fgo_insane:


As soon as you stated Odysseus was going to NP i knew it wasn’t going to end well. :fgo_bblaugh:

I did a solo with herc since i have his bond CE. The man delivered as usual.


When you read dialogue, the words pop up on your screen word by word. Text Speed will influence how much time each word takes to pop up. Dialog Box Speed influences how long it takes for the dialogue box to scroll down once the text reaches the end.

Automatic Text Speed should be how fast the text goes by on ‘auto’ mode. The fixed delay is how much time each word gets, and the variable delay adds that much time to the ‘word delay’ multiplied by the number of letters in the word. This way, longer words have a longer delay.


From the 5x success campaign, I have accumulated 20 level 50 CE bombs and 1 level 48 (I know GudaGuda is technically better because of the CE exp cards in FP gacha, and a success rate up, but I had a lot of FP to burn through, will be doing the event then, and will have more FP by then). What should I do with them? My relevant CEs are:

Level 20/20 Black Grail
Level 20/20 Kaleidoscope
Level 79 Beautiful Dreamer
Level 72 Sweet Crystal
Level 63 Traces of Christmases Past
Level 63 Tenkihime

There are also some starbombs (which usually don’t go on the attacker), some stuff like Heaven’s Feel, Royal Icing, Formalcraft, Another Ending, Limited/Zero Over, and At Trifas that I won’t use over Black Grail, and various CEs that are split stat or pure HP.

I hear that Ocean Flyer is good, but we don’t get that for another year.

I am GSSR-only, so I don’t have a lot of gacha CEs, and likely won’t pick any up unless they share a banner with a servant I am going for.

I don’t really want to level Beautiful Dreamer more, as Aerial Drive is better, and we will get that in the rerun. I don’t feel like leveling Tenkihime, as HNS is better (but I don’t have that and might never get it, and even Ocean Flyer is better in most cases). Should I just level Traces of Christmas and Sweet Crystal? I’m kind of disappointed that I missed out on so many great CEs such as AD (at least that will be rerun), Golden Sumo, Golden Carp, and HNS.

Maybe Trifas would be good for QSH? I am currently using Sailor in White, but it is split stat.


So, if I have it constantly set to ‘Auto’, setting Text Speed and Dialog Box Speed won’t do anything, correct? And thank you for the response! :fgo_ereshlove:

If you do finish leveling tenkihime and HNS does somehow return, you can always treat tenkihime as a ce bomb to level the other. That’s how I might treat heavens feel which I just got mlb if I ever get black grail since BG is better in every way.

Leaving CEs at ~ level 80 provides you with the majority of the stat increase at literally half the exp cost. I mostly go to 100 for ocd reasons.

ToC is probably the best quick ce around, but arts meta is here so unless you intend to keep enabling your quick servants, it’s fine as is.

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