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Is the Heiankyo story released like a lostbelt? For example, it won’t have an event shop, a limited time to complete it or farming?

It’s just like another Losbelt, no time restrictions. It will even open up FQs to farm at our leisure after completion.


Wait, there’s no time restriction for Heian-Kyou?

Good lord, I didn’t even notice it, I was kinda trying to “keep up with the story” :ak_laughinglappy: to not leave it for last time like the last event…

“I was even thinking, how curious, an event without a shop, did they put all the items on the nodes?”



Yeah, you’ll need to plug through it to keep up with story. I’m working through on natural AP, trying to play it blind, as there’s no particular hurry. Eventually LB6 will release, and you’ll want to finish 5.5 before that hits, but I’m sure they’ll give a reminder and could even cut 1/2 AP cost.

First I want to say thanks for your help for answering my questions and giving advice. Previously as well.

So since I have castoria, would oberon allow my arts servants to 3 turn farm 90+ nodes given that he can give 70% battery and mega damage on the last node? So for Summer musashi and Summer kiara both at NP3: Have 2x Castoria + Plugsuit Oberon

Oberon, mana loading and ocean flyer from Summer 6 will allow most of your battery roster to do so yes.

With Summer Kiara he allows you to use clam palace on the 2nd wave to meet higher damage checks.

Doesn’t lb6 come out next summer?
Banner crunch…

Part 1 is probably May so that part 3 is around our anni in early July.

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In the pre-release campaign for LB6, main story will actually be 1/4th AP cost all the way up to Heian-Kyo. Because of that, I think I’m going to hold off doing 5.5 until then for the AP savings, except for doing a few nodes now to fulfill the Thanksgiving missions.

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Spoilers for Heian-Kyo

For the first death battle against Tsuya, is there a preferred order to kill the enemies to make the job easier? Also, why isn’t Holmes NP working on his damage cut? Doesn’t it count as defense up? Thank you!

Basically, Damage Cut and Damage Resistance buffs are different from Defense buffs, so “Ignore Defense” doesn’t really work on them.

DEF buff is just the opposite to ATK buffs and is essentially the same as applying ATK debuff on the opposing side.

Damage Cut reduces the damage by a set amount AFTER damage calculation. So if the enemy has a 10k Damage Cut, any attack that deals 10k damage or below (whether it’s a normal card, a crit, or an NP) deals 0 damage.

Similarly, Damage Resistance buffs on the enemy reduces the final damage by a certain %. So a 90% Damage Resistance would mean ANY damage you do is reduced to only 10%.


iirc it was damage cut, not def up

But i might be wrong

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As for your first question (I’m assuming you mean the fight at Section 8 arrow 1), it depends on what you can bring to the fight.


Medea will always buff Tsuna with a 50% Damage Resistance buff that lasts 3 turns (applied at battle start) or 5 times 2 turns (applied after the first one wears off). Neither one can be removed with buff removal effects. She will always reapply it the turn after it ends, so it’s essentially a permanent buff.

This stacks with Tsuna’s 20k Damage Cut, which he has a chance of receiving whenever he attacks.

If you are able to massively buff your DPS to nuke him to death despite these two defensive buffs, then you can focus on him first since Medea is basically not much of a threat on her own.

But if you’re not able to, or your damage can’t keep up with the healing (it’s a permanent 15k HP regen per turn) then it might be better to kill Medea first so she can’t apply the Damage Resistance buff, but this gives Tsuna a second attack each turn (three attacks if the skeleton is killed as well) so he has more chances to give himself the Damage Cut buff.

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Holmes pierces defense yes… Defense with the shield icon though. Not the boss style special damage resistance with that honeycomb sphere icon. That nothing but stage gimmicks, super op blasts, or chipping away a bite at a time counter it. I had :fgo_edisonroar: :fgo_wavermanic: :fgo_tamamo: np denial stall for the win! Usually only ~17k total damage each Edison np, but spamming that np every other turn or so an you get through… Eventually. 49 turns this time.


Not quite accurate cause Damage Cut uses the same shield icon as DEF Up, and DEF Ignore doesn’t work on Damage Cut.

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Then is spam buffing the DPS the only way to win? :fgo_goghdistress: Is using Kintoki also recommended? I’m having a lot of difficulty clearing this stage so any tips would really help

I think I just AoE’d them all down. Tsuna’s HP isn’t that high, and Medea only has two bars. When she’s gone, the damage resist stops being applied.


Does this mean I should loop?

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If you want to, sure. I did most of the story with Douman, Van Gogh, and/or Arjuna Alter in a bond setup, but looping would work fine, especially since Medea is a Caster.

If your AoE attackers are struggling to hit hard enough, maybe go ST or a mix of both. AoE is efficient if you can manage it since Medea will drop while you take chunks off of Tsuna.

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I didn’t, I was running this:

LB5.5 Boss

And that was with Bond CEs. If you’ve got a Black Grail or similar CE you shouldn’t have much trouble.