‼ General Support Thread the 4th - Open to All

Thanks, I’ll just keep holding onto the CEs until then.

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Will we get any big dumps of CE exp before then? I remember Saber Wars II gave out a decent amount.

Valentines and SWII rerun. And like, that’s it.


When’s the next time we get an event who gives ton of QP like that casino summer one?

Any given lotto event like the one coming during Xmas, but the current half AP Extreme Treasure Vault daily is strictly the best way to gain purely QP at around 4M QP per 20 AP


Seconding Ard.

Normally, you get 4+M QP for 40 AP, so 1/2 AP QP is like 8+M QP for 40 AP. Raids are halfway comparable, giving 4+M QP plus Embers (MP) for 40 AP, but those are limited duration and Embers are kinda useless once you have everyone at max level.

If you need QP, farm the 40 AP thing at 1/2 AP!

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Thank you for the replies! :heart:


I’ve cleared cache, but I’m still noticing issues with NP Subtitles persisting onscreen. I’m also seeing a black bar on the loading screen as below. Anyone else experiencing this…?

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As for NP subtitles persisting, that sometimes happens for me when I am switching between apps on my phone. Typically when I go from answering phone calls back to the FGO window.

This happens to me as well. Sometimes it even bugs the game, so I have to kill the process tree and restart. Fortunately, it doesn’t affect things more than the time to cycle the app.

Question, why is it that:

  • SQ gets :fgo_rainbowapple: as a smiley that we can select, but…
  • Tickets require an image link?

Is there a reason why there’s no fgo_goldenticket smiley?

Seems like that’d be a nice QOL thing. Yes? No?

Giving credit to artists for the emojis, AFAIK, CMIIW.

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Li Shuwen crashed the party when I was trying for Luvia

At NP1 would I like him or King Hassan better, if I’m going for a more crit-centric gameplay style?

Have Castoria, Merlin and Himiko, but also want to take in to consideration Koyan’s release (shit the last three names tell me I’d prefer king Hassan lol)

Neither really. Li only has a 1 turn crit buff(Gramps has none) and a 15 star bomb(Gramps has no star generation either). Naturally he generates almost no stars with a 1 hit NP and 1 hit Busters on top of only having 1 Quick card(things they both share).

Gramps gets benefits from Koyan, but so does every single other Buster Servant. About the only reason to prop Gramps is his naturally good attack and even then there are comparable Assassins that generate more.

This isn’t to say either is bad, Gramps is a good soloer and Li has some high burst damage as well as ignoring defenses. They just aren’t crit oriented. Himiko and Koyan can make up for this but again if all your crit damage, gather, and stars are coming from your supports then that doesn’t mean the Servant is actually crit oriented.

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Thought this website looked interesting:
Might be useful for people deciding on who/what to pull.

It’s basically a model viewer, you can look at all the individual character animations (can also turn them 3D (kinda) and look at how they’re put together).


We have records of future content (main story, grindfests) as well as maths to decide
If you want to share the tool around, it would probably be better to create a topic “What makes you decide for someone to be worthy your SQ” or something
Because this is a help thread, and I’m not sure what kind of gameplay help is the capability of viewing in-game models :fgo_think: I appreciate that you shared this Github page (even though I know it), but in game model isn’t a merit one should prioritize when deciding who to roll for
Unless you seriously don’t care about gameplay but then, why come to the help thread in the first place

I’d say MOST people decide on who to pull based on looks, such is the main pull of Gacha games.

Afterwards (or in preparation for) you try and pull supports and the like to make the characters you enjoy using the most stronger and more useful.

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Design, animations, and sound elements all factor into my rolling decisions.

I probably won’t roll for someone if their gameplay is terrible, but I’m much more forgiving of niche or situational kits if I really like the Servant.


Technically there’s no limit to what kinds of help go here

Can Douman do irregular farming?