Gengar or Haunter for Great League?

Little late for the CD discussion, but during that I got both a Haunter and Gengar with good IVs for GL and I can’t seem to decide which one to use. They have identical movesets now and PvPoke simulations show nearly identical outcomes to most matches. Is there anyone who’s used both and noticed a difference in actual battles, or is the choice just going to come down to which one looks cooler?

I’m putting together a gimmicky Ghost-only team for the new season and trying to make it the best it can be while keeping in mind it’s not going to be as good as a non-gimmick team (which’s okay, my only goal in GBL is to get to rank 7 for the ETM at some point and I can easily do that in UL and ML with a serious team). I’m not 100% sure of the lineup yet but I definitely want either Haunter or Gengar in it (but not both) and I’ve got Sableye, A-Marowak, Froslass and Drifblim competing for the other slots. Suggestions regarding that are also appreciated!

Gimmick teams are fun to play, might put a smile on an opponent’s face, and if it gives some serious players an easy win, hey, good for them–but it’s also extremely rewarding to occasionally beat a meta team with a bunch of off-meta gimmick choices, lol.

Do mind that if you decide to run a full ghost team, your whole team is weak to common picks like Umbreon and Shiftry. Especially Umbreon will probably one or two shot most pokemon and barely take any damage himself. Galarian Stunfisk is also a huge problem. Your team is going to rely on Sableye so much because it’s the one with the least amount of weaknesses in your team

For that reason, you’re definitely going to want Haunter with Sludge Bomb, or Gengar with Focus Blast (Shadow Punch probably as the bait or primary ghost type move), and probably a Sableye with Return on it too.

Personally I’d say you pick Haunter with Sludge Bomb and either Shadow Ball or Punch, simply because Azumarill is EVERYWHERE, and poison as a secondary attacking type is amazing in this meta. I hope you pull off some wins with them, especially that Froslass is SO amazing

From what I’ve tried so far (with Sableye, Froslass and Gengar), Umbreon is definitely the worst pokémon to have to go up against! That alone might be a reason to use Focus Blast on Gengar. I’ve been using Sludge Bomb so far for the fairy types, but I ran some simulations today and it turns out Shadow Ball would get the same wins in pretty much all cases where Sludge Bomb helps (including Azumarill), and having Sludge Bomb makes losses more likely against Steel Types. Focus Blast would at least help with beating non-Skarmory steel types as well as Umbreon.

I like Sableye with Power Gem alongside Foul Play because it can quite a bit of damage against Altaria, but if Return does better against Umbreon that might be something to consider if I can catch a shadow Sableye. Sableye is the only one in the team not weak to Umbreon, so making sure it has the best possible moveset for that match is a good idea.

Also yes, Froslass is great! Super squishy and weak to a looooooot of things, but when it works it works really well. Avalanche is absolutely amazing if you can use it before fainting.

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By the way, I battled a team of both Gengar and Haunter on the same team. It was interesting. I didn’t even know that was allowed.

Yeah it is. I came across ivysaur and Venusaur in the same team once. And I think you can have the same Pokemon twice in your lineup if one is normal and one is shadow hahaha!

Froslass can be devastating when played right as well. Avalanche hits bloody hard.

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You can also do different formes. Battling a team with both Giratinas in UL is definitely annoying if your counters are down.

I can only imagine both forms of giratinas in UL. That would be both annoying and unexpected. I hope the third pokemon wasn’t cressalia or swampert.

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So right now I’m running Gengar/A-Marowak/Froslass, and it’s going surprisingly well! Haven’t played too much as I’ve been busy with work but I’m winning around 3 out of each 5, which’s really surprising for a team that gets completely destroyed whenever the opponent leads with Umbreon, hah.

And on the subject of Umbreon, I went with Focus Blast on Gengar since I figured if I’m not running Haunter, I might as well run a move only Gengar has. And it really helps! Gotta be smart about baiting, though, because Gengar does not live enough to get a second chance if the first one is blocked. Umbreon is nasty.

I don’t think you can use both giratina in UL. Pleas prove me wrong with video/picture if possible while UL is not available now. I tried raichu-A and regular, but couldn’t click “use this party” to start. It’s only allowed in friend battles/Team Rocket I believe.

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I changed my Haunter from last season to an Ultra Shadow Punch Gengar, so I was in the market. Just made a new great SP Gengar yesterday, real scenario that happened 60sec ago…I lead Skarmory, they lead Registeel. I instantly switch to SP and Sludge Bomb Gengar. They quickly switch to Toxicroak. They shield 2 SP, I shield 2 Mud Bombs. Gengar wins. They bring in Azumarill, I sludge Bomb it. Now they have Registeel vs my full health Azumarill AND Skarmory.

They probably made a mistake, but SP Gengar can force mistakes.

Guess I was wrong! Could’ve sworn it was possible. But also glad that it isn’t.