[Genshin Impact] Heeeelp, last Anemoculus

sooo finaly decided to mark all anemoculi on the map and going through them, and my dumb ass managed to miss 1, I dont want to go back to every location and checking them again can you guys help me narrow it down where the last one is?

like from your experience what anemulus was hiding too high or too low that it didn’t show up on the minimap?

nvm fount it xD, it was the one near the winery the one where you have to activate a anemo thingy

Omg Anemoculi can be a pain to find

Especially the hard to reach ones and honestly the ones that are just slightly higher than jump height annoy me lol (good thing i got Venti to cheat for those)

But in the end the solutions and/or methods to reach em are usually in the vicinity

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