Genshin Impact is eating FGO's lunch

I am pretty sure there are farming simulation gacha games. That doesn’t mean that they would appeal to the majority of FGOs players.

Mobile market is growing. Just because other games are doing well doesn’t mean that FGO is doing worse in absolute terms, just in relative ones.

With that said, FGO is also getting old. I am not sure how good it is at attracting newer players. At least there is some sort of pity added, so developers do realize it was an issue when competing against other games.


Worth noting FGO is also a merchandising powerhouse, well beyond what almost any other title is capable of pulling off, and it has, consistently, for coming onto 7 years. I wouldn’t even consider my collection all that expansive and I have FGO everything - I have an FGO thermos, several notepads and other miscellaneous stationery, keychains, a phone case, even a Shuten-themed hairpin, and that’s before scratching big-ticket merch items like figures. They’ve even done three whole separate collab watches with Seiko at this point. There’s charms of Arash and Ozy as tempura prawns, for fuck’s sake.

Not that Genshin is slacking on the merchandising front, but catching up to a merch factory like FGO isn’t something you can just do.


i love merch hell


Yes, Apple app store and Google Android app store. Excludes everything else.

Monetization is the same, though.

Doesn’t make it the same kind of game though
That’s like saying rocket league and overwatch are the same kinda game when both have loot boxes


Merch hell for me is just not getting any because it’s expensive and hard to get :fgo_ereshdistress:


Still apples to oranges even if we accept this premise. These two games are extremely different.


Happy to help enable if you wanna plunge off the deep end :slight_smile:


Thanks but I don’t like spending money on anything really, and idek what I would do with fgo merch

It seems like it would be cool to have but I just can’t see it being worth it for me


that’s fair and completely understandable I just like dragging others into this self made hell


In fairness, it kinda happened almost by accident? My work at the old university anime club earned me a lot of favours with local anime retailers, one of which is run by a high-end Fate fan, and I was working crazy overtime at what was at the time my third job. So I had lots of loose cash and easy access to discounts on shiny things, at the age of 21. A recipe for disaster if there ever was one.


I played Genshin for about a month. It sucked ass as a mobile game, and I have a phone with a 7.6" screen.

I’ll admit maybe I’m an outlier and other people liked using it on their phone, but I had to use my TV or PC to play it, which hurt the mobility. If I’m settled down in my home I’ll just watch a movie or play Halo or AoE or any of a dozen other activities. Fgo I play when I’m waiting in line at the bank or waiting for a friend to show up for coffee or on my break at work. I tried to do that with Genshin and couldn’t.


irrelevant but TIL you can make site links as tags


This is why I stopped playing Genshin. Annoying to play on my phone, and I have other options I would prefer on console or PC.

Part of the appeal of FGO is that I can put it down at any time while playing, so it fits neatly into a busy schedule. When I have time to farm, though, it works well for that, too.


nah I getchu, my first full time job was in Japan and that was a disaster from the get go
themed cafes, extremely specific niche merch, with an actual salary, i was doomed


Truly, this is the duality of fortune. Such a blessing, but also a curse…


I enjoy both Genshin and FGO for pretty much the same reason, I love the characters. These games just provide me access to them. Neither one has gameplay that, alone, would keep me hooked on them. But yeah Genshin does not run great on most phones, mine included. That said I have a lack of self control and it is easier to whale through the phone than on my PC, bank gets all fussy if I try to do it directly but doesn’t bat an eye at google play. So while I probably contribute to those numbers I certainly don’t play on my phone. I imagine at least some of other players might run into the same problem.


It runs fine on my phone, but it takes too much active attention to play, and touch controls annoy me because my goddamn finger is constantly in the way. I’m just fussy.


There is also the touch controls yes. The primary reason I don’t play a lot of mobile games.

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Not surprised why GI is soo profitable. While it is a gacha game, to the “normies” it looks like a normal open world mmorpg game. It’s also easier to get into than any other gacha game.

I guess this is what EA/Activision/Ubisoft dreams of “live service” game.