[Genshin Impact]should I continue raising beidou

At AR 30 rn and got a diluc and mona and have been wanting to get fischl since I got diluc but the game just wont give me one, do I just suck it up and just contine raising beidou or keep hoping? btw I dont have any archers(except for amber ofcourse) so I kinda have a hard time dealing with flying bosses specialy the oceanid


God I’m so behind I’m at 16 lol

Since you don’t have any archers besides Amber (who sucks a—) i say you can keep trying cuz archers are like a must and Fischl is really good

It’ll take some time tho since Primogems come in small amounts


I’ve read she’s good if you know how to use her. I’ve also read that Raor
(same weapon and element) is better. I have both of them but only used Beidou. Her shield is nice early on but starts to break more easily it seems.


Beidou’s pretty neat. I use her because of her Ult.
Basically every attack is embedded with elec element during her Ult.

I use Xiang Ling as my DPS.
So I use Baidou’s Ult to embed Xiang Ling’s attack with elec and use Xiang’s Ult and bear to proc overload.

Both Stormterror and Frost Wolf Boss (forgot his name) at level 50 (world 3) died at 50 % HP.
Granted, I use full set Gladiator and Jade Parcels food.

Edit: If you got Diluc, it should definitely work better than Xiang Ling with Beidou’s Ult.

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