Genshin Impact, what to do?

Hey guys I just started playing Genshin Impact and here’s some of my questions:

  1. How many characters should I raise? Is it efficient to raise all that I have? Because I feel that I need characters for each role and elements
  2. How to efficiently giving artefact to each characters?

My weakness with the game like this is I can’t ignore the characters that I have, just like in FGO I always try my best to utilize every servants that are in my possession.

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What I did is I found three characters I liked, built one’s artifacts to max, and pull out others for different situations. I could efficiently get enough materials to upgrade their weapons and ascensions.
Amber is often called the worst character in the game because of the lack of dps, but having an archer is really helpful for exploration, and there are these torches that need fire and can be in out of reach places. you don’t have to build her though, just having her to stun robots or help against Ice is nice.


I see. I’ll try building my 3 favorites then.
Do you have suggestions for Qiqi, Barbara, and Razor?

For Amber I agree, her cuteness is also a plus for me :grin:

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I have both qiqi and Razor. qiqi gives all the healing you need, go full dps with her, her Healing scales off her attack. Razor, yeah, just go full DPs. I don’t know what weapons you have to use for them.

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Got it :+1: thank you for the suggestion

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