[Genshin-related!] Looking for respondents for my research survey on factors that affect the purchase intention towards character virtual goods

Good day, Everyone!

I’m a master student at Dong-A University currently working on my master dissertation on the factors that affect the purchase intention towards a character virtual good.

TLDR, previous researches on factors that affect the purchase intention towards virtual goods have always been too broad and this study is meant to bridge the gap by doing a more specified exploratory research on character-type of virtual goods, which are very common in free-to-play games.

For this research, I pick Genshin Impact as the subject, so if you’re a Genshin player who have spent real money in Genshin with the intention to get a character (regardless of the amount), I’d like to invite you to participate in my research survey!

The questions are mostly in linear scale-type and while they can be rather repetitive or lengthy, hopefully it won’t bother you too much. The responses will be kept anonymous and will only be used for academic purposes only (in this case, for my dissertation). Thank you very much for taking your time reading this and have a nice weekend!

As incentives for completing this survey, I’m including a raffle in which I’m giving away Welkin Moons for 2 respondents and 60 Genesis Crystal Top-up for 10 respondents per 100 valid responses (up to 500)! If you would like to participate in the raffle, simply complete the survey and enter your Genshin UID + Server in the final page. The UID and server will only be used to send the rewards later and will be deleted once the rewards have been distributed.

These are the links to the questionnaires:

PS. The survey will be closed on February 20th 2022 if it meets the required amount of respondents.


We’re at 185 responses as of current date! I’ll be distributing the welkins and genesis crystals throughout next week after checking the valid responses!

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